The cast of SGU and producer Brad Wright sat down to speak with us about what to expect of Season 2 of this hugely controversial show (at least amongst die-hard StarGate fans), premiering on SyFy on September 28th.

Robert Carlyle is primarily known for his movie roles, with prominent appearances in Trainspotting, The Fully Monty, The Beach and The World Is Not Enough. He’s dabbled in television, notably with the BBC’s Hamish Macbeth, but Stargate Universe represents a considerably larger commitment. He plays Dr. Nicolas Rush, the most vital and least trusted crewman on board the starship Destiny. He sat down to speak with the press about the role on the SGU set a few weeks ago.
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Brad Wright cut his teeth as a writer on shows like Forever Knight and The Outer Limits before becoming one of the principal creative forces on the Stargate franchise. He currently serves as the creator and executive producer for Stargate Universe, and spoke at length to the press about the show and its place in the Stargate legacy.
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David Blue and Elyse Levesque portray the two youngest members of the Stargate Universe crew. He plays Eli Wallace, a brilliant underachiever who finds himself onboard the vessel by accident. She plays Chloe Armstrong, the daughter of a U.S. Senator similarly catapulted to the other side of the universe. The two actors’ chemistry is quite apparent in person, those the characters’ would-be romance seems to be permanently on hold. The two spoke about their roles on the show and where the third season is headed during the Stargate Universe press day on set in Vancouver.
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Justin Louis is a very funny man, which belies the serious-as-a-heart-attack character he plays on Stargate Universe. His Colonel Young must contend with all manner of crises from alien attacks to crew insurgencies in an effort to find a way home. Brian J. Smith is marginally quieter, but still evinces an easy-going nature that contrasts with his go-getting young soldier Lt. Matthew Scott on the show. They talked at length about their parts on Stargate Universe during the show’s press day earlier this month.
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(Questioners include Rob Vaux from the Sci-Fi Movie Page, Steve Weintraub of, Meredith Woerner from io9 and Jaime Higgins from MovieWeb.)



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