Some things you ought to know about the AC/DC Iron Man 2 CD:

- This isn’t strictly a movie soundtrack. It isn’t even one of those lame “inspired by . . .” CDs because there are no new songs on it. It is simply a repackaging of 15 old songs by the Aussie heavy metal band selected from their entire career ever since the band started back in 500 B.C. until last year’s Black Ice album. Some of the songs appeared in Iron Man 1 & 2, but most didn’t.

- It isn’t an AC/DC “greatest hits” package either even though it does contain some of their best-known hits such as Highway to Hell, Back in Black and Thunderstruck. AC/DC however doesn’t have a “greatest hits” CD of any sort so this is the closest you’ll ever get to one. Die-hard fans probably will have most – if not all! – of the songs.

- It isn’t a “greatest hits” because some of their most popular songs are MIA even though the CD could have fitted in another four or so songs easily.

- AC/DC is well-known for their emotionally sensitive ballads. Er, just kidding . . .

- Yes, AC/DC are commercial sell-outs for shamelessly repackaging and reselling old material to coincide with the release of a major Hollywood blockbuster flick like this. Deal with it. Today’s only real “alternative” music is Classical and Jazz because no one listens to them anymore.

- These are 15 bitchin’ tunes and an ideal buy for your casual AC/DC fan. This morning after showering I couldn’t help but dance in the nude to T.N.T. cranked to 11. Yes, it was every bit as disturbing as it sounds . . .

- Whoever said that AC/DC only sings about three things, namely women, booze and women was right.

- AC/DC doesn’t stand for “After Christ / Devil Comes” as some folks in the Bible belt believe.

- AC/DC probably wouldn’t care if it did.


Audio CD (April 19, 2010)
Original Release Date: April 19, 2010
Number of Discs: 2
Label: Sony




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