Arnie spends a lot of his time flexing his muscles in government buildings nowadays, but his turn as Dutch in Predator 23 years ago is arguably the role than made him the Ultimate Macho Man! To celebrate the release of the brand new Predator: Ultimate Hunter Edition Blu-ray this week we take a look at his greatest action roles . . .

Dutch is the only survivor of the predator’s killing spree, and instead of running from the creature he uses improvised traps (and a lot of mud!) to finally trap and kill the creature that has killed the rest of his squad. The ultimate macho man that he is, he even fights the Predator with his bare hands before unmasking and mortally wounding it.

Terminator 1, 2 and 3
The role that catapulted him from bodybuilder to Hollywood movie star showed that Arnie didn’t even have to say much to be utterly terrifying in Terminator 1, and that robots could learn to love in the 2nd and 3rd films. Macho, but also has a great ability to look after John Connor against the more advance terminators that are sent to destroy him.
More Macho than Dutch? About level pegging, with the 800 series Terminator having a slightly less macho edge for his sentimental side.

Last Action Hero
In Last Action Hero, Arnie played himself playing fictional LAPD officer Jack Slater, who finds out from a young boy (Danny) that he is only a film hero in his fictional world. Although initially annoyed that he has been given a hard time by the show’s writers, he manages to save Danny and defeat the bad guys before returning to his film world.
More Macho than Dutch? Not a chance, an LAPD officer would be no match for a laser shooting alien.

Matrix (!) is an extra special forces colonel who gave it all up to be with his daughter. But things go awry when he has to step back into action, as his daughter is kidnapped by Bennett, a disgraced ex soldier. He is forced into committing a political assassination but manages to escape, save his daughter thanks to a young flight attendant, and kill the bad guys.
More Macho than Dutch? Dutch reigns supreme here, as Matrix is rescued by others on a number of occasions.

Red Sonja
After her brother and family are killed, priestess Varna visits Lord Kalidor and asks him to find her warrior sister Red Sonja. After she sees Varna die, Sonja and Kalidor set off to save the world from the evil Queen Gedren. After destroying the Talisman and killing Queen Gedren and her army, Sonja and Kalidor kiss and head off to spend their lives together.
More Macho than Dutch? Even though Kalidor can hold up a chamber building with his bare hands, he is unable to beat Sonja in a swordfight, and would be no match for Dutch.

Conan the Barbarian/ Destroyer
In one of his first film roles Arnie played Conan: the boy who is captured and made a slave when evil warriors killed his family and destroyed his village. As he grows up Conan becomes a mighty warrior and seeks vengeance on those who destroyed his childhood. In the first film Conan manages to save the world and get the girl, and in the second he sets off in search of his own Kingdom.
More Macho than Dutch? Taking on mythical monsters is a mean feat, but Conan just doesn’t have the strength and cunning of Dutch to take on an evil invisible alien.

Predator: Ultimate Hunter Edition Blu-ray is released on June 29th.



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