STARRING: Ray Liotta, Lance Henriksen, Stuart Wilson, Kevin Dillon, Ian McNeice, Michael, Lerner, Ernie Hudson

1994. 118 Minutes. Directed by Martin Campbell

Description: From the director of Goldeneye. The year is 2022. A former marine captain has been sentenced to life on a remote island prison where the most violent and feared criminals have been secured. There is no escape ... or is there?

Unoriginal mixture between Fortress and Mad Max as Liotta is sent to an isolated tropical island where problem prisoners are left to their own devices.

The best moment in the movie is when the chief bad guy declares "Gentlemen, I've eliminated the heads of state" and then opens a bag containing the severed heads of his (former) opponents in front of them.

For some reason the bad guys always have the better lines, but in this film it's not difficult to see why: the good guys are a bunch of New Age wussies!

(Movie is better known as No Escape in some countries.)


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