STARRING: Geena Davis, Jeff Goldblum, Julie Brown, Jim Carrey, Damon Wayans, Charles Rocket, Michael McKean, Larry Linville, Rick Overton, Angelyne   

1989, 100 Minutes, Directed by: Julien Temple

earth.jpg (12837 bytes)Description: Geena Davis stars as a San Fernando Valley manicurist who finds herself in charge of three aliens after they crash-land their spaceship in her pool. With said transport broken down, Davis offers them head-to-toe makeovers (it's the least she can do), turns the fuzzy aliens into a trio of attractive guys, and lets them loose on the dating scene. She promptly falls in love with the leader (Davis's then-husband Jeff Goldblum); of course, it helps that her slimy fiancé (Charles Rocket) is cheating on her left and right.

Earth Girls Are Easy is one of those movies which you'll probably soon forget after seeing.

The words that come to mind are: inconsequential, fluffy, light, forgettable, insubstantial, but you're beginning to get the idea. In fact it's amazing how many American comedies there are that also fit this bill. File this one under them.

Three furry Day-Glo aliens in a spaceship stolen straight from an old Flash Gordon serial crash lands in Geena Davis' swimming pool. Of course, like most furry Day-Glo aliens they only have one thing on their mind: women! And thus all kinds of mayhem ensue as the aliens are confronted with earth culture. Or rather, make that late-1980s Californian Valley Girl culture. Which is pretty weird, and you don't even have to be an alien to figure that out.

All this could be frothy fun or irritating depending on your taste or mood. I found myself bored and vaguely irritated by the proceedings. Then there's the few musical numbers (Earth Girls Are Easy is after all a rarity: a science fiction comedy musical!) which are mostly 'Eighties pop cack. However, the mildly satirical song "'Cause I'm Blonde" may raise a few smiles. But in the end the key word is, like I said, "forgettable".

By the way, fans of the man might be surprised to see Jim Carrey in this movie - I was!


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