Wonder Woman - The Complete Third Season

Starring: Lynda Carter
Encoding: Region 1 (U.S. and Canada only)
Format: Color, Closed-captioned
Number of discs:

DVD Features:

  • Available Audio Tracks: English (Dolby Digital 2.0 Mono)
  • 24 episodes on four discs
  • Lynda Carter episode commentary
  • The Ultimate Feminist Icon documentary
  • Limited-quantity commemorative bonus disc containing a never-before-released-on-DVD Shazam episode


It's never too late to have a happy childhood, I decided when I said yes to a review copy of Wonder Woman - The Complete Third Season.

You see, I never saw any episodes of this late-1970s TV show starring former Miss America Lynda Carter as the DC Comics character Wonder Woman even though as a thirtysomethinger I do fall in the right demographic (it was about the same time as the Christopher Reeve Superman movies).

I desperately wanted to, but the show was never aired on TV in South Africa - I suppose the apartheid era censors most likely thought that Lynda Carter prancing about in that skimpy outfit of hers would corrupt young pre-pubescent boys. They were probably right and having watched some of the episodes now I definitely feel that I have a gap in my, ahem, upbringing.

Anyway, in this particular incarnation Wonder Woman is a super-powered Amazon warrior working for a secret U.S. government department similar to the CIA, confirming suspicions we've held about them all along.

The show has dated rather badly and today has all the makings of a modern camp classic: the atrocious ?Seventies post-Saturday Night Fever fashions and hairstyles, the precocious child actors (groan), Lynda Carter prancing about in that outfit, the disco theme song, and so forth. Yet it all remains peculiarly watchable somehow - I suppose that when all else fails, one can always just stare at Lynda Carter's boobs (unfortunately she doesn't spend nearly enough time in her Wonder Woman outfit in each episode).

So, good family fun, especially for dad and the boys . . .

THE DISC: The entire third and final season (often considered to fans to be the best one of the lot) is fitted unto four double-sided discs. The box is a crude carton foldout box type adorned with comic book art and lots of snaps of Ms Carter.

There is an extra bonus disc in its own carton packaging containing an episode from a TV show of the same era based on the lesser-known Shazam! D.C. comic book title. (I didn't even know it existed, and besides, it looks horrendously bad . . .)

As with most TV shows on DVD nowadays bonus features are a bit on the thin side, but there is an audio commentary and a funny featurette about Wonder Woman as a feminist icon, something I'm sure will give young hormonally unbalanced boys a chuckle or two. . .

Image and sound quality are quite good, especially considering the show's age. Some episodes have some scratches on the prints, but it's no biggie. (The sound is mono, but is quite clear.)

WORTH IT? If you have any boys ten years and older they would no doubt thank you profusely for buying them Wonder Woman - The Complete Third Season on DVD.

RECOMMENDATION: Buy it for them. You can always drop in to watch it with them during the good bits.


1- The Starships Are Coming
2- Phantom Of The Roller-Coaster Part 1
3- Phantom Of The Roller-Coaster Part 2
4- Disco Devil
5- The Richest Man In The World
6- A Date With Doomsday
7- The Girl With The Gift For Disaster
8- Stolen Faces
9- Hot Wheels
10- The Deadly Sting
11- My Teenage Idol Is Missing
12- Time Bomb
13- Skateboard Wiz
14- The Deadly Dolphin
15- Pot Of Gold (Christmas)
16- Gault's Brain
17- Going, Going, Gone!
18- Spaced Out!
19- Amazon Hot Wax
20- The Boy Who Knew Her Secret Part 1
21- The Boy Who Knew Her Secret Part 2
22- The Man Who Could Not Die! (Finale)



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