A Tale Of Two Sisters

Encoding: Region 1 (U.S. and Canada only)
Color, Closed-captioned
Number of discs:

Korean With English and Spanish Subtitles
DVD Only
Running Time:
Approx. 115 Minutes (Plus Approx 160 Minutes of Special Features)




This Korean horror movie about two sisters who return to their father’s apparently haunted country house after a stay at a mental hospital treads familiar ground.

Or at least familiar ground for anyone who has seen the recent Hollywood remakes of Asian horror flicks like The Ring and The Grudge, as well as The Sixth Sense.

However, A Tale of Two Sisters is still one scary and stylish film relying more on spooky atmospherics than any excessive gore. Even when the narrative gets bogged down in confusion at times towards the end, horror fans will find it worthwhile checking out.

THE DISCS: This movie’s tagline is “fairy tales have never been this Grimm” an allusion to the fact that the movie is apparently based upon a Korean folk tale. Nowhere on the special DVD edition I use the word “special” because so far none of the other movies released on the Asia Extreme discs by Tartan Video has so far been two-disc editions could I find out how the original folk tale went!

Otherwise the second disc consists of a lot of interviews (and I mean a lot!) and a stills gallery (of sorts).

WORTH IT? Yeah, I know, this probably makes me a wuss, but A Tale of Two Sisters had some genuinely scary moments, which is more than one can say of most of today’s horror movies.

RECOMMENDATION: Horror movie fans should check this one out this is the sort of foreign cinema that they will dig . . .


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