Swamp Thing - The Series


Actors: Dick Durock
Format: Box set, Color, Full Screen
Language: English
Region: Unknown.
Aspect Ratio: 1.33:1
Number of discs: 4
Studio: Shout Factory
DVD Release Date: January 22, 2008
Run Time: 540 minutes



Movie: * ½    
* *

The DVD box proclaims that this set contains the first 22 episodes of this TV show “in the order they were meant to be shown.” Could have fooled us. The first few episodes on this box set make no sense whatsoever and watching them is like reading a new comic book title of which you have missed a couple of prior issues. Or like watching episodes from a television show in the wrong order . . .

It doesn’t really matter though. Swamp Thing, based on the DC Comics character, is dreadfully dull television. You’ll soon be driven to distraction by the slow pace and the clichéd plots about a thing that, um, lives in the swamp and battles whatever evil-doers happen to find their way to his swamp. Most people tend to avoid swamps, you know, with the mosquitoes, mud, alligators and so on. The swamp inhabited by the Swamp Thing however seems to be busier than your nearest mall on a Saturday morning . . . busy enough for this show to have lasted 72 episodes!

(The Swamp Thing’s makeup in this series is pretty decent though and the character was again played by Dick Durock who played the creature in the movies.)

THE DISCS: Twenty-two half-hour episodes are spread over four discs stored in slim line casings. The transfers are pretty decent for a show that’s 17 years old.

RECOMMENDATION: The Alan Moore-penned Swamp Thing comic books were fantastic and it is recommended that you check them out if you like comics. You should however give this show and all the Swamp Thing big screen movies a wide berth. The best thing about this show is its unintentionally hilariously bad 1980s fashions and hairstyles. It may have been made in 1990, but the ‘Eighties was still very much alive. Swamp Thing’s arch nemesis in the series, Dr. Anton Arcane, the mad scientist responsible for creating Swamp Thing, is a particularly bad transgressor. Needless to say it is very difficult to take a bad guy with such a ridiculous hairstyle seriously. . .


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