Six-String Samurai

Starring: Jeffrey Falcon
Director: Lance Mungia
All Regions


Proof that weirdness and originality - properties that Six-String Samurai has in spades - doesn't always translate into a good movie. This indie post-apocalyptic spoof/homage/rip-off is a minor cult item on the Internet thanks to the type of movie fan who likes to delve up the most obscure films as personal favorites, sort of the one-upmanship of pop trivia seen in the excellent High Fidelity movie.

OK, sure. We all have a bit of that in all of us. After all, you're reading a review by someone who thinks that A Boy and His Dog (1975) is one of the best and most influential science fiction movies ever made! However, sometimes such "cult" movies are merely obscure and simply devoid of any aesthetic values that warrants their status. Simply put: Six-String Samurai isn't all that good really . . . one doesn't connect emotionally to the material while some bits are simply irritating.

(How weird is Six-String Samurai? The plot involves a samurai sword wielding Buddy Holly lookalike traveling through the desert on his way to Lost Vegas. You see, Lost Vegas needs a new king after Elvis died. Did we mention that America was taken over by the Russians in the late 1950s after a nuclear war?)

THE DISC: For an indie movie (one made independently of the major Hollywood studios for cheap) Six-String Samurai's production values are quite good. The photography is good and looks great on DVD. Really crisp image. Most surprising is the sound, which is really alive and kicking. Good stuff too. It is presented in its original theatrical aspect of 1.85:1 widescreen. It is however not an anamorphic transfer. (See? I can get tech geeky with the best of them . . .)

It is a bit skimpy on the extras though: the menu is static. There is an original trailer plus a long-ish trailer for movies distributed by the same company, ranging from anything from The Basketball Diaries and Ninja Scroll to Ghost in the Shell and Wings of Honneamise (now there's some DVD titles I'd like to get my hands on). Add to this two oddball music videos by the Red Elvises the Rock 'n' Roll outfit who did most of the songs featured on the soundtrack and you have the whole package.

What would have been nice is a director's commentary: I am sure there are always interesting stories to tell about movies made at such low budgets. For instance, apparently this movie was only filmed during weekends because the kid in it had to go to school during the week . . .

Oh yeah, this is an all region disc.

WORTH IT? Do you like dragging out obscure movies such as The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai Across the Eight Dimension to freak/impress/scare your friends? Then I suppose this is a worthwhile purchase.

RECOMMENDATION: People who will borrow this DVD from you might just question your sanity. This isn't really a good movie after all. So beware . . .



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