Robot Chicken Star Wars Episode 2 [Adult Swim] [DVD]

Actors: Seth Green, Seth MacFarlane, Breckin Meyer, Carrie Fisher, Ahmed Best
Region: 2 (This DVD may not be viewable outside Europe)
Number of discs:
Revolver Entertainment
DVD Release Date: 27 Jul 2009
Run Time:
45 minutes

Bonus Robot Chicken Episodes, Chicken Nuggets, The making of Robot Chicken: Star Wars Episode II, Behind-the-Scenes: Sneak Peek, Skywalker Ranch Premiere, 501st Visit, Animation Meeting, Accepted/Rejected, Time Lapse, Production Design, Video Blogs, Deleted Animatics, Alternate Audio, On-Air Bumps & Trailers



This second Robot Chicken Star Wars Special boasts an “extended” cut featuring some deleted scenes that weren’t included in the original TV broadcast.

Despite this it still clocks in at a meager 36 minutes. (To be fair though we should mention that the original show clocked in at 22 minutes and your average Robot Chicken episode clocks in at about 11 minutes each!)

To make up for this the DVD throws in a shitload of extras – practically anything they could lay their hands on as well as two bonus Robot Chicken episodes. Robot Chicken is of course the brainchild of Scooby-Doo 2 and Buffy star Seth Green (the dude with the red hair).

It is a wildly anarchic animated puppet show consisting of often unrelated comedy sketches aimed at the 18 plus crowd on Adult Swim, the adult-oriented “division” of the Cartoon Network. Robot Chicken boasts is the sort of off-beat and at times madly surreal humor that should appeal to anyone who likes shows such as Family Guy and the more PG Simpsons.

Robot Chicken is at its best when it geeks out and references nerdy comic books, sci-fi movies, etc. in the process and this particular set of sketches is brilliantly insightful and should appeal to any sci-fi or Star Wars junkie. It is genuinely funny (even better than the Family Guy Star Wars special) and comes highly recommended. Only problem is that one is left wanting more and ends up wishing that they had included the first Star Wars Special as well!

THE DISC: The DVD producers have taken a kitchen sink and all approach when it comes to padding the disc’s running time with extras, hoping that some of the material will stick. There are lots of “making of” featurettes, trailers, you name it. Some of it sticks, but most don’t to be honest.

To be honest some of the material would only be of interest to the filmmakers’ families and friends. (True Star Wars geeks get a peak at the legendary Skywalker Ranch as the Robot Chicken crew gets to watch the Special along with George Lucas himself. Yup, you read right. This Special was made with the “blessing” of the great bearded one. Despite this one never feels that it pulls any satiric punches though.)

WORTH IT? It’s really funny and the new added footage is great, but it’s still very short!

RECOMMENDATION: If you’re a sci-fi or Star Wars fan unfamiliar with Robot Chicken, this is a great introduction to a brilliant show. If you’re already a fan you won’t think twice about a purchase, but we’re really hoping for a single disc containing both Star Wars specials one day!

NOTE: It may be animated and it may be Star Wars, but it is not for small children! Parents should heed the age restriction.



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