Mystery Science Theater 3000 Collection, Vol. 2

Encoding: Region 1 (U.S. and Canada only)
Black & White, Color, Box set
Wea Corp
DVD Release Date:
February 11, 2003
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Mystery Science Theater 3000 is a cult comedy TV show that first ran on the Comedy and then the Sci-Fi channel for the greater part of the 1990s. You might have seen photos or clips from it of three silhouetted figures sitting in a cinema making comments and jokes about onscreen proceedings.

Yes, that's right: Mystery Science Theater 3000 makes an art form out of the rude habit of talking aloud in the cinemas. Except, unlike the drunk punter sitting in front of you, these guys are actually funny, VERY funny!

However, be warned: this show makes fun of some extremely bad movies. If you thought Wing Commander was bad, you'll change your opinion after the likes of Eegah . . .

If you like South Park, The Simpsons or Futurama, then check out Mystery Science Theater 3000. It is funny stuff indeed!

Are they as funny as fans insist they are?

Yes, they are, and some of these shorts will probably evoke some memories of the ?educational films? one had to endure at school: badly made and shown on a 16 mm projector whenever exam time is near and there is new material left to teach anymore.

The funniest of these shorts is A Date with your Family - a 1950s treatise on how families should behave at the dinner table and what etiquette is to be followed. Hilarious - and alone practically worth buying this four disc set for.

The box set consists of:

A bad 1970s Charlie's Angels rip-off called ANGELS REVENGE (starring Jack Palance - cue a lot of City Slickers 2 quips). Probably the funniest episode in this set.

CAVE DWELLERS, a very 1980s sword & sorcery ?epic? starring one Miles O'Keeffe who began his career playing the title role of Tarzan in the very bad Bo Derek version. Hands up those of you who has seen this particular waste of celluloid? Judging from Cave Dwellers it would seem that O'Keeffe's career actually went downhill from here on ? difficult as that may be to believe!

POD PEOPLE. More 1980s crap - and actually the only really science fiction effort in this set. (MST3K usually featured mostly science fiction efforts.) A mixture of E.T. and bad horror movies, Pod People actually doesn't feature any pod people . . . at all.

SHORTS (VOLUME 1): The highlight of the set as I've said.

Incidentally, all these episodes have appeared on VHS, but were previously unavailable on DVD. (I have used the covers of the VHS copies as illustrations in this review.)

WORTH IT? Unlike previous Mystery Science Theater 3000 DVD releases, Collection Volume 2 has no option to watch the movie being lampooned without the comments being made.

No big loss to be honest, I can't imagine anyone wanting to actually sit through Cave Dwellers without the MST3K crew mocking it.

When my newbie brother-in-law borrowed my Eegah disc, he made the mistake of watching a huge chunk of the movie without the MST3K jokes and comments before realizing his mistake. I think he has probably suffered irreparable mental damage in the process . . .

There are no other extra features besides the usually scene access and menu functions.

RECOMMENDATION: To be honest, while these four discs are quite funny, they're not the best MST3K episodes available. Fans would want to check them out, but newbies should rather try Mystery Science Theater 3000 - the Movie or the aforementioned Eegah instead. Then try the Shorts disc . . .



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