The Batman - The Complete Fifth Season

Directors: Ginny McSwain
Adam Beechen, Duane Capizzi, Robert Goodman, Greg Klein, J.D. Murray
CW Television Network
DVD Release Date:
July 8, 2008



More comic book than graphic novel, this kiddies television series produced for the Kids WB shouldn’t be confused with the influential early-1990s animated TV show also featuring the DC Comics superhero. This series takes an entirely different approach and is much lighter in tone. (It is somewhat similar to the studio’s Teen Titans and Legion of Super Heroes efforts.)

The show is also quite colorful and vibrant and the animation features bright colors and bold lines in addition to detailed background textures. But that doesn’t mean that the series descends into camp as the old 1960s Batman live action show did – nor that it won’t be enjoyed by adult comics fans. The animation is quite decent, the episodes fast-paced and the writing more sophisticated than one would expect of a show aimed at small children, in particular boys.

THE DISCS: All 13 episodes of this sadly last season of the show are collected on two discs. The image is presented in full-screen aspect ratio in which it was broadcast which this serves the gorgeous animation well.

WORTH IT? More anal fanboys who want their caped crusader Dark Knight pitch black will complain about the Bat being teamed up with Robin (and Batgirl!) in addition to a host of other DC “guest stars” such as Superman, Green Lantern and so forth, but the rest of us wouldn’t mind sitting through this one with their kids. Hey, it’s a lot better than the latest direct-to-DVD Barbie offering you know . . .

RECOMMENDATION: Worth checking out, even if you don’t have any six-year-olds . . .



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