STARRING: Dennis Quaid, Sean Connery, David Thewlis, Pete Postlethwaite, Dina Meyer, Jason Isaacs, Brian Thompson, Lee Oakes, Wolf Christian, Julie Christie

1996, 108 Minutes, Directed by Rob Cohen

Description: The last of the great dragon slayers, Bowen (Dennis Quaid) teams up with the last of the great dragons, Draco (and voiced by Sean Connery), after they realize that killing each other would put them both out of business! So they devise a bogus dragon-slaying act that's a huge hit as they tour from village to village. Later, they must rouse the peasantry against the loutish Prince Einon (David Thewlis), whose life was once saved by Draco, but who now violates the "Old Code" of honor with a ruthless reign of terror.

Saturday matinee stuff that only kids would take seriously, but it's all in good fun as good guys battle it out with bad guys in an unnamed early medieval setting. The dragon (voiced by Sean Connery) is an exercise in special effects wizardry.

However, one leaves the theatre feeling cheated somehow: that the story could have been funnier (there are some great one-liners, mind you), more thrilling and just better all round.

Nevertheless, it's still worth a rental for a slow Saturday evening . . .


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