STARRING: Jeff Daniels, Ariana Richards, Emilia Crow, Jim Haynie, David Wells, Nicholas Guest, Robert Colbert, Marilyn Lightstone

1992, 99 Minutes, Directed by: David N. Twohy

Intelligent time travel story about a hotelier (played by Jeff Daniels) and the first visitors to his hotel - a peculiar group of tourists who are actually . . .

But that would be giving away too much. The film, directed by David Twohy (who directed the much underrated The Arrival and who wrote Waterworld and The Fugitive), is a good example of what can be done with a low-budget if you have a solid story and can coax some good performances from your actors. Take heed Joel Schumacher!

It is based on a novella titled "Vintage Season" (which I have never read) by Lawrence O'Donnell and C. L. Moore. It was initially intended for the big screen as The Grand Tour in 1991, but made its first appearance on cable TV instead.

Also known as TimeScape.


Sci-Fi Movie Page Pick: Uneven, yet thoughtful. Time travel story with an intriguing premise. This movie doesn't always deliver on its promise, but is still worth catching on late-night television if you can. . .


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