STARRING: Lindsey Haun, Michael Biehn, Tobin Bell, Daniel W. Barringer

1994, 86 Minutes, Directed by: Craig R. Baxley

Deep Red starts off promisingly enough as we are witnessing a battle between two enormous space ships in outer space.

The one ship blows the other to bits. A piece of wreckage hurls through Earth's atmosphere and is lodged . . . into a small girl's hand!

Thereafter it would be difficult for any movie to keep the same level of interest, but Deep Red fails more miserably than most.

It soon involves Michael Biehn being chased around by a mad scientist and his sidekicks in search of an immortality treatment - or something like that.

Michael Biehn clearly had better days when he was chased around by The Terminator since this is a film that clearly lacks any magic potion that'll guarantee celluloid immortality . . .


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