STARRING: Jason Robards, JoBeth Williams, Steve Guttenberg, John Cullum, John Lithgow, Bibi Besch, Lori Lethin, Amy Madigan, Jeff East

1983, 120 Minutes, Directed by: Nicholas Meyer

Made for American television movie directed by Nicholas (Time After Time, Star Trek II - The Wrath Of Khan and Star Trek VI - The Undiscovered Country) Meyer. Released theatrically elsewhere, this movie about WWIII and its aftermath caused quite a furore when it was broadcast during the height of the Cold War.

Mostly right-wingers criticized it for doing the Russkies' work for them, sapping the Americans' appetite for a possible nuclear war. Later on, television would make up for this serious Leftie aberration by producing a television series called Amerika which dealt with the US of A voluntarily submitting to an UN-supervised invasion by the Soviet Union. Pure unadulterated right-wing nightmare-come-true scenario that!

Only hassle with The Day After is that there wouldn't be a day after a full-scale exchange of nuclear warheads as envisaged in the movie - we still have the destructive capability to destroy the planet and everything on it several times over. But then there wouldn't be a movie, would there?

Predictable devastated landscape with law and order absent as survivors struggle scenario takes up most of the film. Its most powerful scenes are with the nuclear warheads being launched and the audience realizing that this is a frightfully real possibility. At least it shattered the ludicrous myth of Civil Defense for many people . . .

Incidentally, the foreign (i.e., outside the States) theatrical and home video tape (but not video disk) versions run 126 minutes. It was cut by 23 minutes for a network rerun. (The recently released Region 1 DVD features the longer European version.)


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