STARRING: Lorne Greene, Kent McCord, Barry van Dyke

1980, 99 Minutes, Directed by: Sidney Hayers

conquest.jpg (16478 bytes)Conquest of the Earth is an edited version of the Galactica 1980 television show's premiere and the two-hour The Night the Cylons Landed episode, along with stock footage from the original Battlestar Galactica series. It appeared as a theatrical release in Europe, Australia and South Africa, but is also available on video.

Usually I would say this type of movie would appeal to the fans, but even fans expressed disappointment at what can only be described as an unsatisfactory end to the whole Battlestar Galactica saga. Besides, the film features few of the television series' original cast. 

In this film the wandering crew of the Galactica spaceship finally discover earth (as we know it today) only to find that it is technologically backward and unable to help it against the misanthropic Cylon golden robots intent on wiping out humanity.

However, the film might be of some appeal to smaller children.  After all, some fun is to be had with flying motorcycles and a Cylon robot that stumbles unto a fancy dress party . . . 


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