STARRING: John Heard, Daniel Stern, Kim Greist, Brenda Currin, Justin Hall, Christopher Curry, Michael O'Hare, John Goodman

1984, 90 Minutes, Directed by:
Douglas Cheek

If Woody Allen’s Manhattan was a cinematic love song to New York, then surely C.H.U.D. is its hate song. The city rarely looks as grimy and plain cack on celluloid as it does here - definitely an ironic paean to Reaganomics: dirty streets, strewn with garbage and overrun by homeless people!

Anyway, C.H.U.D. stands for Cannibalistic Humanoid Underground Dwellers, derelicts turned into cheesy-looking monsters with bright shiny eyes thanks to some illegal toxic dumping in the city’s underground sewers.

C.H.U.D. is low-budget rubbish of course, but it is a mystery how they got both Daniel Stern and John Heard to star in it. (Even John Goodman makes a cameo as a wise-ass cop!) John Heard plays an asshole photographer who helps uncover the conspiracy to hush things up and Daniel Stern is the wacky soup kitchen manager who helps him.

Even if you’re in a Mystery Science Theater 3000 kinda mood C.H.U.D. never falls into the “so-bad-its-good-category” because the movie is simply too dull and way too talky. (There is also no female nudity of any sort either alas.)

Incidentally, C.H.U.D. was followed by a comedy sequel in 1989 titled C.H.U.D. II - Bud the Chud, which by all accounts was even worse than its predecessor. C.H.U.D. also became a pop cultural byword when Homer Simpson referred to the movie in the 1997 Simpsons episode entitled The City of New York vs. Homer Simpson (#9.1). Further references include Donnie Darko, Angel, South Park and Pushing Daisies.


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