STARRING: Keanu Reeves, Morgan Freeman, Rachel Weisz, Fred Ward

1996, 106 Minutes, Directed by: Andrew Davis

Description: Keanu Reeves plays a streetwise lab technician who survives an organized assault on his hydrogen-power project. The FBI assumes he's really a spy working for some foreign power, but the truth is that a CIA offshoot is behind the project's funding. Morgan Freeman plays the ramrod-straight company man who sabotages Keanu's excellent experiment, and Rachel Weisz portrays a physicist who goes on the run with the alleged saboteur.

Chain Reaction isn’t really a science fiction movie. It is an action movie with one sci-fi element in it, namely the idea that cold fusion can work and be a clean, efficient and cheap energy source that will replace all the existing energy sources we have.

But this theme is never really explored: it just serves as a plot device to have hero Keanu Reaves framed for something he didn’t commit and get chased around by the cops and bad guys.

Sure, Morgan Freeman (what is he doing in a movie like this?) mumbles a lot about how cold fusion will change everything we know, but that is about as far as it goes . . .

Chain Reaction is a chase movie. But it isn’t a very good one either even though it is directed by Andrew Davis who also directed that definitive chase movie, The Fugitive.

The film is dull and drags. That Reaves isn’t Harrison Ford doesn’t help either. Listen, if you want to see a good sci-fi movie, then rent something else. If you want a good action movie with Keanu Reaves in it, then check out Speed or The Matrix again . . .


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