STARRING: Michelle Rodriguez, Oliver Hudson, Taryn Manning, Eric Lively

2007, 90 Minutes, Directed by:
Nicholas Mastandrea

Description: The film tells of two brothers, one a highly athletic daredevil and the other a much more serious and sensitive type, who in the midst of trying to patch up their wonky relationship - on a getaway at their Uncle's house - are forced to flee a pack of vicious killer dogs - the titular 'Breed'.

A pack of vicious genetically modified attack dogs menace a group of young college kids on a deserted island in The Breed.

All of which is old hat for star Michelle Rodriguez who previously coped with zombie Rottweilers in Resident Evil and mysterious going-ons on a tropical island in Lost. As can be expected things get silly, particularly when the dogs chew through the rope mooring their water plane to the jetty! Or the ancient, neglected Mercedes Benz which not only starts first time but still has inflated tires German engineering indeed! No doubt bonuses were paid out to all the actors who could play those scenes with a straight face . . .

Still, the locations are nice (it was filmed in South Africa) and luckily the movie doesn’t go the “actors wander off on their own and get picked off one-by-one” route. There are some heroic shenanigans and the like, but alas it comes as no surprise who gets bumped off first (hint: it involves a member of an ethnic minority).

Also the stunt work involving the dogs is quite good. (Did the dogs get paid bonuses? After all, they were much better than their human counterparts.) The point is that you’ve probably done worse and probably will do worse again.

Worth a rental if you’re a horror movie junkie. And if you’re planning on visiting South Africa it provides some handy tips on places to check out on your visit (the end title credits are unusually helpful in this regard).


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