Promotional material for reboot of cult ‘Seventies series shows altered spaceship designs . . .

The producers of the planned Space: 2099 reboot of the ‘Seventies Space: 1999 show has clearly never heard of the adage that “if it ain’t broke, then don’t fix it”.

The original show was a triumph of production design and special effects. Particularly memorable were the so-called “Eagle” spaceships featured in the show.

So what did they mess with?

Yup, the Eagle designs as is revealed in the below promotional posters.

(At the very bottom is a pic of the original design.)

So are we just being anal old farts – or do you like the new designs more?



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  • Anonymous

    Looks like a Cylon raider with an Eagle head glued onto it!

  • Nathan Shumate

    I think it’s a fairly conservative reworking.  But since the groundbreaking production design was the main thing Space: 1999 had going for it, I don’t know how well a retro-reimagined feel will work.

  • Morgan19

    Looks fine to me. I’d hardly call this a case of “if it ain’t broke”; the redesign actually looks pretty close to the original, just updated or modernized or whatever– definitely a conservative reworking as mentioned previously.

  • Michealrp

    Honestly, from what I can see of it, I think it’s more akin to it’s namesake, an Eagle with Wings. It looks a bit more sturdy and as if it means business. I’m uncertain if it has a combat aspect to it, but if it does, I can only imagine what a Mk 9 Hawk would look like.

  • Kevin Wilson

    I think its only logical that a new design of the ship would be required now that the story has been reset once again to our not too distant future. It would be careless of the designers to ignore all the latest advances in frame construction and propulsion systems. An upgrade should reflect that new technology. If it means shedding some of the old familiarities in the process then so be it. You can’t make an Eagle without breaking a few eggs.

  • Roger Mihalko

    Looks pretty decent, keeps similar shape to original show eagle. Run with it!

  • ceti331

    Changing detailing is ok – what they’ve done to the cockpit is fine, but it looks like they’ve crossed it with BATTLESTAR GALACTICA, adding side-pods?! you’re not supposed to change the overall outline much.
    please remove these, thanks.



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