And you wouldn’t even have to wear any crazy glasses . . .

The world is becoming more and more advanced, with innovative and exciting new technology appearing at every turn. First came the silent cinema, then the ‘talkies’ and, more recently, 3D film and cinema have taken over the box office – but what’s next?

How about holographic TV? Yes, that’s right; we could soon see images being projected into the middle of a room as a “cloud” and be able to view them from every angle. Can you even begin to think how much an invention like this could revolutionize TV? You wouldn’t even have to wear crazy glasses.

So with an early prototype already doing the rounds, movies that are already great when viewed on cable TV will be even beter on a holo-TV one day!


Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 pic
The Harry Potter series

Imagine what it would be like to have a fantastic image of Hogwarts projected into your living room? The idea is almost too exciting to think about, but it could become a reality one day. Just try and fathom how dramatic the fight scenes with Lord Voldemort would be, not to mention the adrenalin-fuelled games of Quidditch.


Lord of the Rings pic
The Lord of the Rings film trilogy

The Lord of the Rings film trilogy is another mind-blowing collection of movies that would be divine on a holo-TV. The Hobbits would be free to walk around your own home and you’d be able to get a completely realistic feel for Hobbiton. You’d never want to go out on a Saturday night again if you could stay and home and watch Frodo Baggins and Gandalf like never before.


Avatar pic

The special effects used in Avatar are spellbinding in 3D, let alone on holographic TV. The incredible cinematic technology was considered groundbreaking and the thought that it could get even better would certainly spice up all the latest film news. The habitable moon of Pandora would look spectacular and can you picture what the Na’vi would look like from every angle?

Ocean's Eleven photo

Ocean’s Eleven and Twelve

Even non-genre movies would look great on holographic TV. Who wouldn’t want to see the likes of George Clooney, Brad Pitt and Julia Roberts strutting around as holograms? Ocean’s Eleven and Twelve are such cool movies that it would be a unique experience to watch them on holo-TV. The dark deeds and criminal activities on which the movies are based would be even more gripping performed in a futuristic cloud – so let’s hope we can all enjoy this revolutionary cinematic experience soon!


Technology is constantly evolving and there seems to be no end to what inventors can come up with. Holo-TV is supposed to be unleashed on the world in 2012, so check this space!

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