First picture emerges of upcoming J.J. Abrams TV show . . .

Check out the first promo pic of the upcoming Revolution TV show.

This post-apocalyptic TV serial is produced by J.J. Abrams (Lost, 2009’s Star Trek) and written by Erik Kripke (creator and lead writer for Supernatural). The pilot was directed by Jon Favreau (Iron Man, Cowboys vs. Aliens).

The plot involves a group of people who struggle to survive and reunite with loved ones in a world where the all forms of energy have mysteriously disappeared.


Revolution pic

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  • Scifimoviepage

    Looks like someone’s Renaissance Faire snaps!

  • Hede

    Why is it always the same shitty directors and same shitty writers dominating the tv ? Isn’t there anybody else up for this kind of projects ? What the hell is with that hegemony ? That is one of the reasons i am loving The Game of Thrones.

  • guest

    obviously not all forms of energy are gone. A bow uses energy, and it appears their is some candle lighting.

  • Yoda

    why dont these writers know that everything that exists in the universe is created from many forms of energy(atoms, ions, particles)

    the whole concept/idea of this TV show is ignorant, un-intelligent & ridiculous…

    Did J.J. Abrams fail high school science lessons as a teenager?

  • Anonymous

     This just in: Superman couldn’t really fly or be strong enough to lift a jet, and the crew of the Enterprise would be squashed like bugs if they COULD go from 0 to warp speed in a few seconds. More on this as it develops, thanks to Yoda the Buzzkill.

  • Yoda

    haha lol:)

  • Srun892363

    This looks like “Dies the fire” by S.M. Stirling



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