In this week’s installment we look at X-Files 3 . . .

TITLE: X-Files 3

WHAT’S IT ABOUT: A third big screen X-Files movie that wraps up the show’s “mythology” involving an alien invasion in 2012 abetted by a shadowy organization of conspirators satisfactorily.

SOURCE: The Fox science fiction television series of the same name that ran for nine seasons from 1993 to 2002 in which two FBI agents investigate paranormal events and alien sightings.

WHO’S INVOLVED? Everybody from stars Gillian Anderson and David Duchovny to show creator Chris Carter and executive producer Frank Spotnitz.

LAST WE HEARD: At the time of writing it’s in “discussions” according to Chris Carter.

In September of 2011 Gillian Anderson told an interviewer that she hopes “a new X-Files 2012 movie will be out next year.”

But there has been no official word from Fox alas.

THE PROBLEM: $68 million. That’s what the 2008 standalone X-Files: I Want to Believe movie made worldwide in comparison with the $189 million the first X-Files big screen movie made ten years before in 1998.

“We opened a week after The Dark Knight and got mowed down by it,” Frank Spotnitz told “No one knew what a huge historical event it would be.”

That and the movie sucked, of course.

WHY IT’D BE GREAT: Many fans fell out of love with The X-Files as it dragged on interminably and failed to wrap up its complex mythology. Things weren’t helped by the departure of star David Duchovny either.

Deep down those fans are looking for some sense of closure and a final X-Files movie will be just note perfect.

Besides, Gillian Anderson (now 42) is still the most beautiful woman on the entire planet . . .

CHANCES OF GETTING MADE: Another X-Files movie is not completely impossible given Hollywood’s predication for making movies out of popular TV shows.

However, the fan expectation is for the movie to wrap up its 2012 story arc and, let’s be honest, here: the ship has left the harbor on this one. There is only about eight or so months left before December 2012, which is probably not enough time to rush an X-Files movie into production.

Our prediction? Expect an X-Files “remake” ten years from now with different actors as Hollywood tries to cash in on 1990s nostalgia . . .


NEXT WEEK: The Silver Surfer movie that never was.


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  • Anonymous

    It’ll be more like five years for the reboot, I bet.

    Emma Stone would make a fantastic Scully.


  • Guest

    The facts in your “Last We Heard” section are so out of whack. If you were trying to make a case, you’re not doing a fantastic job. You’re also missing a lot of other information. Might wanna try google. Works for Scully. Then again, few are as awesome as she is. 

  • Sandi (with an I)

    If XF3 doesn’t happen, I sure as hell hope they don’t reboot it. Just leave it as it was, it doesn’t need to be recast and brought back to life. No one but David and Gillian can play Mulder and Scully. I’m sure they feel the same way about their characters. 

  • Anonymous

    I was a huge fan of the series, and I never want to see either of them play those roles again.  And I felt this way before the series was ended. 

    I’ll never go see any X-Files movie that isn’t a reboot.

    Take it back to the beginning, and start fresh.  Avoid the horrible mistakes that killed the original franchise.  And don’t let Chris Carter anywhere near it.

  • Anonymous

     The facts in “Last we heard” seem to be trying to make a case for another movie.  The actual facts are that there are no discussions going on, and the proof of this is that Carter is trying like hell (and so far failing) to get back into television, which you don’t do if you think you’re making a big movie anytime soon. Obviously whatever low-level discussions might have been going on some time ago have fallen through. 

  • Alyssa

    To reboot the X-files would be the worst thing ever seen.I can’t figure another woman as Dana Scully than Gillian Anderson or another man as Fox Mulder than David Duchovny.As a fan I would love to see a third X-files movie (only if it is with GA and DD).I just can’t bear the thought of another persons playing Mulder and Scully.I know just one Mulder and one Scully and they are the original ones and nobody can ever take their place.I’m sure neither GA or DD would be glad to see that their characters were stolen by another actors.
    @pisher:disqus I don’t think that Emma stone would ever make a good Dana Scully.In fact I think no woman from this world (only if she is GA twin or clone) can play this character.

  • starfish

    I WANT IT! i want the third movie so bad! They cant make that kind of huge cliffhanger, and then do nothing about it!

  • John Allen

    Hint:  Write a really good script.  Keep it light, tight and scary.  Keep the number of actors to a minimum and don’t call out the military.  Keep the original Alien movie in mind.  Closed environment, tense scenes, and action packed brain numbing ending that keeps people talking about it days and weeks later.

  • Bianca Giacco

    @pisher:disqus you are just a hater. obviously. there is going to be an X- Files 3. they are in the midst of making the film right now. David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson will be returning as Fox Mulder and Dana Scully. it has been told that its supposed to come out on December 21st, 2012 as that is a big day in the X- Files as most people know. the only doubt that there was on there possibly being another X- Files movie was because the 2nd one did not hit the top of the box office like it was supposed to. however, The X- Files 3 WILL make a huge comeback. you just wait and see. and if there is a big cliffhanger like there was in the last you can expect tp see an X- Files 4. NO DOUBT ABOUT IT!



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