Actor wants too much money . . .

Independence Day posterJust this week we reported how director Roland Emmerich said that the original cast would return for the two Independence Day sequels which will be filmed back to back.

Now comes the news that the project might go ahead without Will Smith.

Latest rumors have it that the actor wants a whopping $50 million paycheck to pay buy a bigger trailer as well as his own country for his involvement in the two sequels. Apparently Fox declined.

Meanwhile Smith and his son Jaden (who helped ruin the Day the Earth Stood Still remake) is supposed to star in director M. Night Shyamalan‘s upcoming sci-fi story One Thousand A.E. but the project’s pre-production is taking much longer as anticipated thanks to script issues.

The real “gosh!” news here is of course how Shyamalan can still have a career after the travesty that was The Last Airbender . . .

Since the plan is for Dean Devlin and Roland Emmerich to hand in a script by December there is still time to write Smith’s character out of the sequels one supposes.

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  • Anonymous

    Yeah, I can do without Smith finding some way to get both of his kids heavily involved in the story.  Plus, this is why we have a rebooted Spiderman-MaQuire wanted the same thing for Spiderman 4&5.  Get Jason Stratham to kick alien butt!

  • Patrick

    I think that Will Smith is his biggest fan.  He did not start coming close to acting well until I Robot I think was the name.  Giving this horrible wrapper and piss porr comedic actor the monies he is wanting is b.s.  You can replace him with someone else for his character,  There are many talented black actors that would love a chance to get a back to back sequel gig.  I agree with the above about his son.  It’s ashame that the actors guild and union does not do more to make offspring work from the bottom up so they actually have skills.  The new Karate Kid???Kung Fu is not Karate.

  • Fred

    That’s great news, Will Smith is just like Tom Cruse it’s all about them, ID4 was a great movie and Smith’s role was fine but he dose like to grandstand a lot, let’s give someone else a chance to become a star.



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