Tom Cruise returns, an Avatar theme park and a Universal Soldiers TV show!

Starship Troopers: InvasionSony has announced a new Starship Troopers movie, namely Starship Troopers: Invasion, a CGI sequel to the previous three flicks. Original Troopers movie writer Ed Neumeier is executive producing, as is series star Casper Van Dien. The movie, slated for a summer 2012 release, is currently in production in Japan.

Former StarGate writer Damian Kindler has been given the green light for a pilot for a new television version of Universal Soldier, the 1992 sci-fi movie starring Jean-Claude Van Damme and Dolph Lundgren. There were a number of straight-to-DVD and theatrical sequels, most recently 2010’s Universal Solder: Redemption. A fourth movie is also in the works, titled Universal Soldier: A New Dimension which will be out in 2012.

Is Tom Cruise making a comeback? Despite his less-than-stellar domestic box office in recent years the 49-year-old actor has four big studio movies hitting theaters in the next 18 months: Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol, in December, the now-filming One Shot for Paramount, June’s Rock Of Ages for New Line and an untitled Joseph Kosinski (Tron: Legacy) sci-fi epic for Universal. In addition to this Warner Bros. is talking to the actor for the lead in its big-budget sci-fi war pic We Are Mortals, being directed by Doug Liman (Jumper).

The sci-fi world of Avatar is going to be a theme park thanks to Walt Disney World’s Animal Kingdom starting in 2013. Disney boss Robert AIger says that James Cameron shares “our passion for creativity and technological innovation.” Equally excited, Cameron said: “I’m chomping at the bit to start work with Disney’s legendary Imagineers to bring our Avatar universe to life and give park-goers the chance to see, hear and touch it.” The partnership could also later see Avatar attractions built in other Disney parks worldwide.


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