We look at some video games being made into movies right now . . .

There have been plenty of great video games and movies in the history of entertainment, and when the two come together it can create a great experience for fans of both genres. Hollywood’s developed a love affair with major video game hits, especially since they’ve generated a good deal of profit: Forbes reports “Grand Theft Auto V” hit a billion dollars in sales in only 48 hours, a feat that the “Avengers” took 19 days to achieve. What can gamers and cinephiles expect when their two hobbies merge yet again in 2014?


2014 marks the 10th anniversary of “World of Warcraft,” which DigitalBattle reports has made more money than any other gaming franchise in history at nearly $10 billion. It’s also the 20th anniversary of the “Warcraft” series writ large. How is Blizzard planning to celebrate? By releasing the video game film that millions of fans are salivating over based on its flagship title. There have been rumors about a “Warcraft” movie for half a decade now, with drama over changes in directors and scripts, but it looks like the story of the never-ending conflict between Alliance and Horde will finally go ahead in the near future.


The cake is a lie, says GLaDOS, one of the greatest villains to ever put traps in a protagonist’s path. We’ll get to hear her beautiful robotic voice, full of dark wit and cynicism, when the “Portal” film arrives in theaters. Valve has been planning film adaptations of “Portal” as well as its icon game “Half-Life” for a few years, with Polygon reporting that J.J. Abrams of “Star Trek” fame will get the nod as director. “Portal” represents a challenge to filmmakers, however, since it’s a puzzle game and not an action game. How can you keep an audience in its seat for two hours while the main character solves puzzles and bounces through holes in time and space?

Assassin’s Creed

It’s believed that Michael Fassbender of “Inglorious Basterds” and “Prometheus” fame will get the nod to play Altair, the “Assassin” pro forma. Though the eyes of Fassbender, the audience gets to see the centuries-old conflict between Assassins and Templars played out on the movie screen. There’s been some criticism about creating a movie based on Altair in the first game rather than Edzio, the protagonist of the second AC title, since “Assassin’s Creed II” proved to be far more polished, popular and better-selling. Yet this franchise has sold millions of copies and fans will be sure to turn up at the theater to see Fassbender jump off a building, engage his fist blades and assassinate a target of opportunity.

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  • Spyraker II

    Sad thing is that critics will see ‘based on the video game’ and dismiss them totally, regardless of wether it stands well alone or is genuinely a fine film.

    Doom was fun, but a terribly realised film, Silent Hill was an inspired creepy horror film – game genesis aside, but was compared or likened to DOOM and House of the Dead in critic columns as ‘another video game inspired mess’? Seriously? They don’t give these films a chance.
    Unless it stars or is directed by a favourite Hollywood son, then their going to be critically acclaimed awesome films!
    No wonder Kojima is tight on the reigns of Metal Gear being adapted. Unless he is writing or getting creative control, most fans would say forget it anyway.



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