Aliens make life hell for teens by stealing electricity for their iPhones . . .

Check out the poster for the upcoming U.F.O. movie below.

Sorry, it’s not the big screen version of the old Gerry Anderson TV series (which according to is still in development, but probably isn’t getting made at all).

Nope, instead this film seems to be taken from some cellphone-addled teen’s fever nightmare (“I dreamt I couldn’t text!”).

Read the plot synopsis below:

Five young people realize one fine morning they are robbed of functioning mobile phones, radio and electricity. While they try to escape this situation on foot, they happen to see a huge flying saucer. Soon the civilization as we know it starts to break down and the five friends find themselves in the middle of an anarchic turmoil.

(Sounds suspiciously like the recent Darkest Hour movie which also featured aliens who invade our planet to steal our electricity.)

The movie is in post-production right now and is slated for an 11 January 2013 release in the UK.

It stars Bianca Bree, Sean Brosnan (Pierce’s son), Simon Phillips and Jean-Claude Van Damme in what is probably a cameo as, um, George.

The movie is directed by Dominic Burns (Jack Falls, How to Stop Being a Loser). Budget is an estimated 2, 5 million.



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