As if Africa doesn’t have enough problems of its own it is overrun by hordes of the undead in this 2010 British horror movie . . .

The Dead DVD cover

STARRING: Rob Freeman, Prince David Oseia, David Dontoh
105 minutes, Directed by: Howard J. Ford, Jonathan Ford

Plot (there really isn’t one) involves an American soldier played by Rob Freeman who must survive in an unnamed  African country overrun by zombies after his emergency evacuation flight crash-lands.

The zombies here are of the slow-shuffling sort instead of the fast runners of 28 Days Later (were they that fit in their pre-zombie days?). Their glassy eyes remind one of the voodoo zombies found in B&W movies starring Bela Lugosi before George Romero invented the modern day zombie in the original 1968 Night of the Living Dead.

They may be slow pokes, but they are unrelenting and eventually overwhelm their victims by sheer numbers. The normal zombie laws apply and The Dead doesn’t even bother explaining them to audiences: only head shots will kill them and if you get bitten by a zombie you too will become one. Much of the action feels like a violent computer game (Freeman’s character is about as one-dimensional as a PC game character).

Large swathes of the movie plays like a silent movie. There is some plot stupidity too: if you are sleeping out in the open with zombie hordes about, it might be a good idea to take turns sleeping and keeping guard instead of simply rigging up a half-assed alarm involving a tin can and a string.

Zombie fans won’t mind. The stunning African locations (Ghana and Burkina Faso) make a welcome change from the standard urban setting for this of thing and director Howard J. Ford and Jonathan Ford focuses on the story and do not linger on gore as film student types who want to shock their lecturers tend to do.

In short
Not great, but not bad either – something to tide zombie apocalypse fans over until World War Z . . .


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