This summer has been packed with superheroes, dystopias, giant robots, and galactic war. Best of all, talented actresses playing amazing characters illuminate the silver screen — and they look good while doing so. To wrap up summer, we’re spotlighting top Hollywood beauties from this summer’s sci-fi blockbusters. See why we love them.

Pacific Rim

Rinko Kikuchi is the first Japanese actress to be nominated for an Academy Award in more than 50 years, specifically for her role in Babel, according to Kotaku. Unlike many Japanese film actors, Kikuchi didn’t make a name for herself in TV dramas or variety shows. She worked abroad on films such as 47 Ronin alongside Keanu Reeves, and she also starred in the film adaptation of Haruki Murakami’s best-selling novel Norwegian Wood. While her popularity in Japan is slow to grow, she’s been a sensation in America, especially for her role as Mako Mori in Pacific Rim.

In the future of Pacific Rim, giant sea creatures called Kaiju rise from the bottom of the ocean to destroy the world’s coastal cities. It’s up to humanity’s assembled giant robot-pilots to put down the Kaiju. Mako is dressed in combat pants and an epaulette shirt or in rough denim with beat-up edges. She’s tough but beautiful with dark bobbed hair and anime-blue highlights. She’s a skilled fighter and good pilot possessed by a troubling past. Best of all, she’s a character free of sci-fi blockbuster tropes. Indeed, PolicyMic suggests Mako Mori might even be a feminist hero, trouncing stereotypes as she trounces giant monsters.

Star Trek Into Darkness

Zoe Saldana stars as Nyota Uhura in the new Star Trek film Star Trek Into Darkness. She’s known as a versatile and powerful actress who gained fame for her role as Neytiri in the record-breaking sci-fi film “Avatar.” She’s been named the “Film Actress of the Year” by Glamour UK and has stayed in the starlight by starring in both of the J.J. Abrams “Star Trek” films.

The color-coded and skimpy dresses worn as a uniform by Uhura are replaced by a ’60s style reminiscent of the original Star Trek. Saldana wears very ’60s chic cat-eye makeup on the illuminated bridge, jumping off the screen in a bright red miniskirt uniform. Later in the film, Uhura looks sleek and dangerous in a red wetsuit embossed with tiny Starfleet logos. No wonder Spock can’t resist her.

Acting alongside Saldana is Star Trek newcomer Alice Eve who plays Carol Marcus. Eve has been working in good company within the last few years. She’s played alongside Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones in Men in Black III as well as the romantic comedy She’s Out of My League and Sex and the City 2. Her character Carol Marcus is a brilliant and beautiful scientist who serves as a critical Enterprise crew member and rebels against her father’s expectations. Marcus stripped down to her underwear for an impressive, but brief moment before donning a special suit. The controversial scene garnered applause and ire. Co-writer Damon Lindelhof later apologized for writing it into the script, Entertainment Weekly reports.


Jodie Foster has an incredible repertoire that includes more than 30 awards from various film groups and numerous nominations, according to AceShowBiz. She’s a double Academy Award-winning actress with a career spanning decades. The starlet has contributed tremendously to the world of entertainment and has starred in more than 40 films.

Foster stars in Neill Blomkamp’s Elysium as wealthy space station-dwelling Secretary Delacort. In Elysium, the Earth of 2154 has become a dystopian and oppressive place that operates to serve the powerful who live a life free of burden in the titular space station Elysium. The people of Earth are desperate for reprieve from the stifling poverty and crime. Their one chance for a higher quality of life falls onto the shoulders of Max, a normal guy with a desperate need to reach the space station Elysium, which pits him against Secretary Delacort.

To convey the luxury and power of the select group of people who live on Elysium, costume designer April Ferry enlisted the help of Giorgio Armani to design the futuristic suit worn by Secretary Delacort throughout the film. Whether she is wearing a matching steel-gray jacket and skirt with wide lapels or a single-button pantsuit, Delacort portrays power and sexiness without frills. Women’s Wear Daily notes that Armani considers Foster to be a longtime friend. He was delighted to design for her and the world of Elysium. With her severe platinum blond hair and bright blue eyes, Delacort is a vision of perfectly packaged political power in a dystopian future.


Paul Ellison writes movie reviews. He doesn’t care if the movie was released in 1913 or 2013. He’s on it.


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