Actor says that the villain played by Sherlock actor Benedict Cumberbatch is playing is not Khan . . .

Actor Simon Pegg has declared in a recent interview that, despite Internet rumors to the contrary, that Khan Noonien Singh is not the character played by Benedict Cumberbatch in JJ.J. Abrams’ highly-anticipated Star Trek 2 sequel.

“It’s not Khan. That’s a myth. Everyone’s saying it is, but it’s not,” the actor who will return as Scotty said.

Pegg however couldn’t reveal the identity of the real villain: “(He’s) not just another disgruntled alien. It’s a really interesting… sort of… thing. Obviously I can’t talk about it.”

Misinformation? We’ll just have to wait until May 17th next year to find out.

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  • jdr458

    Trek is not dead but has extended beyond the abilities of the
    Federation to fit into good stories. The federation also is not dead
    but should no longer confine the story. The Federation is an
    intergral part of Star Trek and is always a support of the story, not
    a confining intity like a specific crew. Caotic is the new Star Trek
    crew, spasoric jumps from on crew to another yet with a unison,
    Curson Dax (In a Male) & Benjamin Sisco as cargo runners and all
    out adventures and explorerors. They run cargo to finance
    exploration, to find answers to questions that captured them as
    officesr of the federation, questions like the bullits below.
    Finding parts from the wreckage the two difiant class ships that were
    distroyed and with the help of Federation and others friends he
    rebuilds a somewhat difiant like ship, better in some ways not in
    others. curzon wants?? Worf is the leader of the new nation of
    Klingons and has very mixed ideas of what to do about Curson. He
    vihemently wants him dead and also charish his opinion and friendship
    at times. Kira wants to free Riker as she promised, and also love
    him and so hires Sisco and Curzon to help free him from Cardassian
    prison. 7 marries Chakotay but latter wants to free her parents from
    the Borg and so the two of them take command of a Borg ship (with
    transwarp conduit intack) with freed Borg as there crew. They have
    adventure aquiring supplies and getting the ship and crew ready for
    the jurney to the Delta quadrant. Many ships hear of the trip to the
    Delta quadrant and join, encluding Dax & Sisco, Riker wanting to
    flee Ferderation judgment, Kira and oda in a last minute appreance
    with some changling friends that changed their whole attitude about
    everything drastically after their defeat and most importantly after
    his being in the great sea a while.

    many stories are left unansewered



    2 in Cardasian prison (Kira?)


    of Drones out of the collective

    Wesly Crusher

    Soones old age child, part human part androind, in stasis
    underground on the planet where Dr. Soone died till a specific cure
    has been developed. The emotion chip has instuction that will
    inform Data when he got info on the cure, not to take control of him
    to reserect the boy and care for him.

    are many many more stories to tell these are but a few off the top of
    my head (not the best) to consider. I am not a Trekke just a man
    with a mental condition that requires the store to continue. Doctors

    jotted this all down in a moment but I can refine it if I knew I had
    a CONNECTED EAR. I think that I got someting that makes a
    difference, as with all Trekkies and admireres.


    D. Robinson




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