Director reveals more details in interview . . .

Blade Runner 2Director Ridley Scott had the following to say about his planned rehash of the classic Blade Runner in an interview with the Wall Street Journal:

a.) It is not a remake or a reboot but is instead “liable to be” a sequel.

b.) Harrison Ford’s Deckard won’t be in it. “Not really.”

According to Scott they are “close” to finding a writer and that the project is actually “quite a long way in.”

Filming is expected to start in early 2012.

Like the original The Thing and Tron which also been recently rehashed, Blade Runner was actually a box office disappointment but grew in stature on video and later DVD.

Some pointless Blade Runner trivia courtesy of

Dustin Hoffman was the original choice to play Deckard, although he wondered why he was asked to play a “macho character”.

While the film is loosely based on Philip K. Dick’s “Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep”, the title comes from a book by Alan Nourse called “The Bladerunner”. William S. Burroughs wrote a screenplay based on the Nourse book and a novella entitled “Blade Runner: A Movie.” Ridley Scott bought the rights to the title but not the screenplay or the book. The Burroughs composition defines a blade runner as “a person who sells illegal surgical instruments”.


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