Cash-strapped production to resume 28 December . . .

Fans will be glad to know that production has started again on Riddick, the third movie to feature Vin Diesel as the titular intergalactic bad ass (the others were Pitch Black and Chronicles of Riddick).

About a month ago we reported that everyone has been kicked off the Montreal set because the film’s production company didn’t cough on their payments. Now news comes that the money issue has been sorted and the movie will resume filming again on 28 December.

David Twohy who directed the previous two movies is directing this movie. Besides Vin Diesel, Karl Urban who played Vaako in Chronicles will also return.

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  • Rickhall

    I thought the previous movies were original and creative. Very entertaining and the character Riddick is awesome. I for one will be looking forward to the new movie!

  • Gsmith

    Can’t wait! Personally I love chronicles of riddick!

  • Kelvin Bentley

    Loved the Director’s Cut of Chronicles of Riddick. I hope “Riddick” will be good. 

  • macross

    looking forward to it.  I enjoyed the director’s cut of chronicles, can’t wait.

  • Davidsvelarde

    maybe it will be in 3D…which i think will be awesome

  • e wiltcher

    loved pitch black can hardly wait new riddic way past due

  • Stephen Terry

    personally i loved pitch black but found the sequel to be lacking in some aspects. i wont see the the third in theaters but may buy the dvd

  • James

    will they pick it up where they left off in the last movie?? or does this go back a way



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