Hyped more than the Second Coming it was bound to disappoint . . .

What we liked:

- Despite the general grumblings of disappointed cinemagoers we kinda liked it and thought it was quite watchable. Probably a case of lowered expectations as by the time we finally got to see it we weren’t exactly expecting a classic to equal Ridley Scott’s 1979 Alien like so many people were.

- Forget what you heard. Prometheus is an Alien prequel. Deal with it. It is however much more thoughtful and ambitious than any of the Alien sequels in that it moves things into a new direction other than a slimy creature bumping off spaceship crewmembers one by one. Sure, it’s got that too, but the story starts off quite thrilling with an expedition setting off to discover the origins of the human race on a distant planet. This is prime science fiction stuff.

- We liked the Chopin. Sue us. It brought a bit of class to the movie. Classical music is so meant for sci-fi movies (see: Clockwork Orange and 2001).

- Acting is pretty decent, in particular Michael Fassbender as the android David who spends his alone time on the Prometheus listening to Chopin, cycling and watching classic movies such as Lawrence of Arabia. This is a murderous android one can relate to . . .

- Noomi Rapace is also pretty good.

- The visual effects are great too.

- Come on! Face up to it: this stuff is light-years ahead of crap such as Alien: Resurrection and those shitty Alien vs. Predator movies. Did you really want a “traditional” Alien movie?

What we didn’t like:

[SPOILER ALERT] – It gets all muddled up halfway through. Exactly how does Noomi Rapace’s character know that the so-called Engineers want to destroy humankind using slimy creatures? Some scenes in which our heroine comes to the conclusion after discussions with her fellow scientists would have helped. Instead it just falls out of the sky.

- If the Engineers share our DNA then how come they are strong enough to rip the head off an android and we aren’t?

- Why start life on a distant planet (Earth) and then want to destroy it again? The Engineers seem like dicks who only do what the screenplay expects of them, namely threaten the leading lady.

- There are more minor plot details that baffle. Just how does an ancient geezer such as Peter Weyland (Guy Pearce) have such a young daughter (played by Charlize Theron)? Didn’t anyone tell him about the pool boy?

- Prometheus brings up more questions than answers. Some of the answers are pretty disappointing too: the so-called “space jockeys” are muscled bald guys? It’s like finding out that Darth Vader was a whiny teenager!

- General character stupidity: it looks like a cobra, acts like a cobra, so let’s pet the damned thing! [END SPOILERS]




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