Now Wait for Last Year to be made into a movie . . .

Lila 9th and Electric Shepherd Productions have bought the movie rights to Philip K. Dick’s 1966 sci-fi novel Now Wait for last Year.

The plot according to the jacket blurb:

Contacted by starmen of similar racial stock who have a greatly advanced, galactic society, a united Earth becomes their ally in a lengthy war with the Reegs, blue, six-limbed aliens with no vocal chords. This is the story of how Earth chose the wrong ally.

Ted Kupper will adapt the story and the movie will be produced by Barrie M. Osborne (Lord of the Rings), Cameron Lamb and Isa Dick Hackett (PKD’s daughter who also served as producer on Adjustment Bureau, another Philip K. Dick adaptation).

No director has been announced as yet.

Philip K. Dick is the “most adapted for the big screen ever” sci-fi writer. Ironic considering that he struggled as a writer his entire life (in a foreword to one of his short story collections he tells about having to buy horse meat) and died before Blade Runner could be finished.

Here’s a listing of all his novels and short stories which have been made into movies:





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