Mother Nature herself doesn’t want to see sequel get made!

Mad Max movie posterAustralian director George Miller – best known for directing the three Mad Max movies – doing the promotional rounds for his new Happy Feet 2 movie had the following to say about the planned Mad Max: Fury Road sequel, reboot or whatever you chose to call it:

“Theoretically, it’s next year. We have 150 big vehicles built and so on. We were all geared up for that. We were all set to shoot in the Australian desert and then unprecedented rain came and what was the wasteland — completely flat, red earth — is now a flower garden. The big massive salt flats in the center of Australia where they do record speed trials and stuff is now full of pelicans and fish… We sort of lost the wasteland.”

Apparently Tom Hardy and Charlize Theron are still attached to the project (Mel Gibson won’t be reprising the role that made him famous).

Ironically the movie’s backup desert locations in Namibia are having its heaviest rainfall in more than a century!


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