Actor back as “alternate universe” Spock . . .

It was previously believed that none of the original 1960s Star Trek cast members would appear in the upcoming Star Trek 2 movie (no Shatner! no Takei!), but now producer Roberto Orci has tweeted the below pic of “retired” actor Leonard Nimoy in his Spock costume on the set of the as-yet-untitled sequel to the 2009 Star Trek reboot:


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  • Jalo

    No Bill! Well, this is really Shat!

  • Nautolan Jedi

    Fxcking Liars!  The Star Trek producers said Nemoy was NOT returning, and he is!
    I will never believe anything these hollywood jerks leak to the press…

  • Hyeeb

    Gotta have the Shat.

  • Rich72963

    Hope they dont screw it up!

  • BMH

    Don’t get too excited.  Sorry to burst the bubble but it’s known that the pics orci is tweeting right now are of the 2009 production.  I suspect that this would be easy to find out, but far less newsworthy for the owners of this web site ;-)  Checkout for more info.   

    I still hope there is a role for Nimoy in the movie though, but this is not a picture of it. There are no pictures of the current production currently being tweeted, just the 2009 reboot.

  • Krillian

    The Star Trek movies are always overhyped crap. The last one was so bloody awful I walked out halfway. 

    Gene, I’m kinda glad to know that at least you won’t see them fuc*ing up your dream.

  • Roger Mihalko

    why is it taking so dam long to make the movie? if your gonna reboot the franchise get it done already, ST fans are waiting. The 2009 movie is so easy to tear apart its ludacris, but Some ST is better than none. Nimoy or no Nimoy is fine by me either way.

  • Dylan J Koenigsaecker

    The fact that if you play Star trek online there are so many flaws between the movie and the game it makes you want to scream bloody murder…Like the fact that the Enterprise uses anti proton cannons rather then phasers or the fact that the USS Kelvin uses a combination of tetryon turrents and antiproton dual beam banks……

  • Tom

    jesus…what bastards

  • Thayna kronos

     Nautolan Jedi, Dude, at least learn how to spell the man’s name! It’s not Nemoy, it’s Nimoy. always was and always will be. Live long and prosper, human.

  • Jonker_jok

    antiprotons! NO! flaws between the game and the movie, well thats just careless.

  • Jonker_jok

    yes they are all liars. and i suppose your name is really nautolan.

  • David


  • Leroy

    This actually looks like a scene from the 2009 film. Perhaps at Spock’s capture by Nero.  He appears to be seated in the Vulcan time ship.  This shot might have been edited out due to the movie’s pacing.  Just a thought.

  • Stephen Silva

    NO! No Shatner! They finally killed him off in Picards century in “Generations”, let him stay dead.
    And Shatner is too old to play Kirk on the new ST’s anyway. Pine looks enough like a young Kirk let’s leave it at that.

  • Anonymous

    Pentagon/Hollywood’s changing it’s mind – Do they care? – doesn’t bother me so much. Why would I care if pirates are dishonest? What bothers me is being forced to pay big bucks for their crappy entertainment. Worse, The crappy entertainment is sometimes ‘too’ propagandistic. I know we get propaganda all the time, but sometimes it just drowns everything else. I want my money back. I have to go to payday lenders every month because capitalists like them have helped create a society in which workers like myself, working full time, can’t afford to live.

    I just re-watched the last Star Trek reboot. In fairness, it wasn’t bad. I really hated it the first time around. But I will now say that it’s at least a well done rip off. What would really be nice is if these movie makers gave us what we wanted (Star Wars quality fantasy, sans the Hayden Christensen Darth Vader disaster) instead of what they think will earn them the biggest return on their investment. Somehow, Those brilliant minds have managed to divorce the two things.

    1. Don’t give us what we want. 2. Make lots of money.

    They persist because we haven’t stopped going to their movies. But that’s because there’s only one Hollywood and we need our entertainment, our fantasy fix, more than ever in this neoliberal hell they’ve created. And so, It’s ‘take what you get, whether you like it or not’.

  • Anonymous

    I felt the same way. Paramount is a big part of the problem. I remember them interfering with Michael Mann’s “The Keep,” a favorite horror movie of mine. You can find the info online.

    The thing that I look for in a Star Trek movie is alien worlds, alien tech, alien ships, alien creatures and lots of them. What we saw with the latest reboot was virtually none of that. What they did was fine. But how many times will they reboot this and force us to be introduced to, not action and fantasy, but the crew?

  • Anonymous

    Shatner or no Shatner. It doesn’t matter to me. They can make a good movie with or without him. How’s he feel about being enlisted? I’d rather Star Trek went forward. I really miss the Borg. They were fun. Some of the old tv shows nailed the fantasy stuff. I especially liked the one with the evolved lizards who evolved and left earth long before humans evolved. And they they are out in space with crazy cool ships and tech that the Federation wasn’t close to matching.

  • Angel Reyes

    Genes dream was to bring us where no one has gone before,the new star trek movie was absolutely amazing as well as entertaining,not to mention it drew in a new crowd of fans,OH YA,WOMAN IN MIAMI loved this movie and talked about it for weeks on end,not only that,they also spoke about how they could NOT wait for a sequel,I can’t wait for a sequel,you know,one of the things I LOVED about “The Next Generation” was every single episode had nothing to do with the previous one,so,even if you decided to become a fan out of the clear blue,you were going to be hooked because of the amazing writers and there ability to make you hit that dam record button while you grab a cup of joe because deep in your heart,YOU DON’T WANT TO MISS A FUCKING SECOND OF STAR TREK,A fan till I die!!!!



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