The Star Trek 2 director admits that he never really “cared” about the original series . . .

In a recent interview with director JJ Abrams, currently working on Star Trek 2, admitted that he never really “got” Star Trek. (Abrams also directed the 2009 Star Trek movie that turned out to be a box office hit and a shot in the arm for the ailing franchise.)

Here are some excerpts from the interview:

“I was, frankly, never really a fan. I never really got it. I never really cared much about it. Most of my friends who loved it were, without question, smarter than I was.”

“I kept trying … and I couldn’t get it. I didn’t care about it. It felt stilted. It is ironic because a lot of the tone and techniques and some of the writers as well were from The Twilight Zone. When you watch it, you’d go, ‘God, there is that same kind of melodramatic vibe.’ A lot of the writers were the same writers.”

“You’d think someone who loved The Twilight Zone as much as I did would kind of find a kinship to that show and get on board. I couldn’t do it.”

So why did he bother directing the 2009 movie then?

“The reason I wanted to direct it was because I thought, ‘When in the world, ever, am I going to get a chance to do a space movie? That’s cool.’”

“And I really loved the script that Alex Kurtzman and Bob Orci wrote, and I thought, ‘There is a version of this movie that is sort of surprisingly intimate and emotional and about these two men who are kind of displaced and who are both orphans in a weird way and they find a family’.”

The 45-year-old director’s confession probably wouldn’t come as a surprise to those hardcore trekkies who complained that the 2009 movie was more Star Wars than Star Trek and derisively called it “the Kardashians in space” amongst other things.


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  • MarkyMark Surrey

    Probably why the 2009 star trek he produced sucked more than a hooker with no teeth. Why cant they get decent people to produce and direct these films or at least someone who has some intelligent imagination, unlike this dork



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