Comic Con 2012 was replete with every kind of Halloween costume, uniform and play outfit that you could hope to see this year. There were the expected Sailor Moons, Chewbaccas and zombies. As you might guess, Wolverine and Batman appeared numerous times in various guises.

And Then There was Iron Man

We’re not talking our neighbor or local comic shop owner dressed in an Iron Man Halloween costume; we’re talking the real Iron Man! We are talking about the actor most people think has done an iron-clad job of playing the Armored Avenger: Robert Downey JR. himself!

The Comic Con 2012 Iron Man Panel

Fans got a sneak peak at Iron Man 3 during a special panel with actor Robert Downey JR., writer-director Shane Black and Marvel movie head honcho Kevin Feige. They discussed big plans in the works for the next movie about Marvel’s iron-clad superhero. This is exciting news for fans considering Iron Man’s condition in Iron Man 2 and The Avengers.

It’s Only Up from Here–Or is It?

Iron Man 2 found Tony Stark being told by the non-powered, but tough, Nick Fury (played by Samuel L. Jackson) that while Iron Man was definitely Avengers material, the alcoholic playboy Tony Stark was not. While a compromise was reached, it wasn’t the most positive position for Stark to be in.

Even as Iron Man, his prospects haven’t looked so good, as he ended Avengers with a de-powered suit, saved at the last minute by the Hulk. Marvel is not revealing too much about the specifications of the new Iron Man armor but fans were able to get a glimpse of the exterior of the suit at Comic Con 2012.

What We Can Expect from the Next Movie

Both Blake and Downey promised that the next Iron Man movie will be as much about Tony Stark the man as it will be about his metal-clad alter ego. Fans can expect the next movie to be more of a character study of Stark and those close to him.

Iron Man 3 also promises to be darker than the first two movies. Downey explained that there was room to get into some of Tony Stark’s personal darkness, while still making it fun. One theme will, of course, be the character’s struggle with alcoholism.

“He won’t fall off the wagon,” said Feige at the panel.

“You haven’t seen my rewrites,” joked Downey.

Friends and Foes

Of course there will be “regular superhero stuff” – such as Stark’s new self-assembling set of Iron Man armor. There will also be a different villain for the third movie: The Mandarin, played by British actor Ben Kingsley. Once you see the previews, you’ll recognize The Mandarin to be another good Halloween costume idea.

Also, former director Jon Favreau will be playing Happy Hogan, who adds an additional stylish comedic flair to the film. The panel also said that Favreau will be giving advice on how to bring out the most in Stark’s character, allowing writer-director Shane Black to focus on the overall film.

“We were allowed to take some risks,” says Black.

Iron Man 3 promises to be a more “Tony-centric” film, showing more of Pepper Potts and Rhodey Rhodes. Black says, “We want to show that these characters are just as interesting by themselves, if not more so, than when you saw of them in The Avengers.”

Downey’s Feelings on the Subject?

“I take it as seriously as Shakespeare,” he said. Which provides one clue why he has done so well in the roll.

As always, it will have continuity with other marvel movies like The Avengers. Marvel always did a great job of fitting Captain America, Iron Man and the Avengers into overall story arcs in their comics, and they are now doing the same with their movies.

Damon Adkins is a social media expert and entertainment enthusiast. He studied digital journalism on the West Coast and settled in the bay area with his family.

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