The new Twilight? We don’t think so. This is much better . . .

What we liked:

- Jennifer Lawrence as teenage heroine Katniss Everdeen. She may be a bit stiff but least she fits the role because she doesn’t have your typical Hollywood starlet looks.

- The love triangle is underplayed – yay! For a male member of the audience who had to suffer through endless Twilight movies this is a blessing!

- The set and costume designs stick to those described in the book and doesn’t succumb to clichéd Hollywood visual cues. In fact bits of the movie feel like something out of the ‘Seventies . . .

- It shockingly breaks the unwritten Hollywood rule that children and dogs shall come to no harm. Okay, we didn’t see any dogs buy it, but still . . .

- The movie doesn’t spend too much time on the setup and goes straight to the Hunger Games themselves. This is a good thing.

- No action movie clichés! We are so tired of characters doing all kinds of physically impossible things in action movies and never get hurt, that it is great to see some flesh and blood characters that are vulnerable for a change.

- It was gripping stuff okay and if you’re a guy you must admit that it’s better being dragged to the cinema by your girlfriend to see this than it is to see any of the Twilight movies! Get into contact with your emotions, okay?

What we didn’t like:

- The book is, as always, better.

- That Lionsgate is going to milk the franchise for all its worth by stretching the last book in the trilogy into two movies now that it turned out to be an unexpectedly huge hit at the U.S. box office.

- Those racist twits on Facebook who complained about a minor character being black in the movie.

- Usually male fans that go on about Battle Royale each time the movie is discussed. The future “till the death” sports genre is nothing new – so what? Hunger Games is still a decent movie and a lot more involving than any piece of loud crap Michael Bay or Peter Berg (Battleship) can throw at us . . .




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  • Aquascotty

    I just watched it, and Hated it! It has been sooooo done before! I am giving up on original ideas as I think there are none left!

  • Anonymous

    Hunger Games was “meh”.

    And I think you’re being too harsh on Battleship. Maybe you missed one of the dozens of subtle anti-war and higher-level scifi hints in that movie.

  • Deana Zhollis

    I quite enjoyed the movie. Not sure if I would the next one though….

  • i love hg

    u suck the hunger games is the best thing ever screw u!!!!



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