Big surprise: no-one went to see Wrath of the Titans . . .

Here’re this weekend’s box office stats in bullet time:

a) Box office action for The Hunger Games dropped in the U.S. by 60 percent from $152.2 million to $61.1 million in its second weekend, which is not unusual. (Iron Man 2 dropped by 59 percent in its second weekend and Twilight: Breaking Dawn Part I by 70 percent.) Huger Games has made $251 million in ten days, probably the same amount of time it took John Carter to lose the same amount!

b) Hunger Games isn’t doing as well overseas, but it still made a healthy $34.8 million this weekend, which brings its international total thus far to $113.9.

c) Wrath of the Titans made $34.2 million over the weekend – a drop of 44 percent from the original movie’s $61.2 million take in 2010! It did better overseas with $78 million, but it is very unlikely that the $150 million movie will make as much money as the original film did.

d) The $85 million Snow White comedy Mirror, Mirror came in third with a disappointing $19 million. The movie scored big with families and 37 percent of the audience was under 12.)

And what’s the moral of the story?

Perhaps studios should pay more attention to audience opinion polls and not make sequels to movies that weren’t particularly well-received in the first place. When everyone involved in a sequel goes “we let audiences down last time but will get it right this time” as the stars and director of Wrath of the Titans did, you might want to reconsider your multimillion dollar investment.

Another example is the Ghost Rider sequel – another sequel movie that didn’t go down well with audiences the first time round: the sequel opened in February with less than half the original’s opening ($22.1 million) and its box office take thus far comes in at $50.4 million, a problem considering that it cost $75 million to make!

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