Watch the new trailer now!

Check out the second trailer for the upcoming John Carter movie below:



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  • Gsmith

    I will be seeing this! Looks fantastic.

  • dfish

    I will be seeing this with you gsmith!  The middle teen will be seeing this also!

  • Gordon Beckles

    I read all the books from the age of 11 till I was 14 years old and after waiting for technology to catch up you better believe I will be first in line to see Barsoom brought to life… even at 52 years of age.

  • Bolithio

    Man that dude can jump! Those aliens sure speak good English too!!

    It looks visually fun, but if the movie is set to orchestrated led zeppelin songs Im going to barf up my pop-corn.

  • Nautolan Jedi

    what music would you prefer? Orchestral, like Star Wars?

    or Techno?  

    I loved Tron Legacy’s Daft Punk soundtrack, but their music meshed well with the matrix-like theme…

    Led Zeppelin was a great band that produced music affecting generations to this very day, their ballads are time-less, not archaic at all, those musicians created music that is soulful, which is unique and very rare these days…

    Expand your mind, become open to new experiences, you may grow spiritually…

    Your Negative attitude towards classic rock limits you as a person.


    What do you mean spiritually are you talking that religious nitwittery christain BS.

  • Nautolan Jedi

    *waves hand in front of GODLESS Storm-trooper*
    “these are not the DROIDS you are looking for”

  • Bolithio

    Actually I have nothing against classic rock. Its originality I crave. Orchestral, techno, whatever. Just create something new. Tron’s soundtrack was OK, and fit the movie. But it wasn’t re-mixed Daft Punk, they actually wrote new songs for the movie. Im not going to experience any expansion of my creative mind hearing one of the most played songs on the radio remixed for a movie. Its not a negative attitude towards classic rock, its a negative attitude towards people taking the easy route. 

  • Nautolan Jedi

    I hate it when JEDI MIND tricks don’t work on clones, sometimes a copy, of a copy of Jango Fett, becomes a retarded person like GODLESS…

  • Nautolan Jedi

    I concede your point.  Hiring an orchestra, or taking the time to find the right kind of music, or musicians to create the soundtrack for “Space Operas” like Star Wars, Flash Gordon, even Tron Legacy (Digital Space?) will cost a lot money, millions of dollars, to hire the best creative talent…”taking the easy route” seems to be the final result.

    I am not as concerned about the soundtrack as you are,
    but I must admit, your Vulcan Logic is correct.

  • Nautolan Jedi

    Godless Clone cannot even spell “Christian” properly…O_o
    The Kaminoans must halt production of these clone troopers, their minds are so degraded that they cant even spell a simple word, they are Illiterate! its a sad day for the republic;)

  • Larry MacCaskill

    He’s a remarkable athlete and he’s been teleported to Mars (or Barsoom, as the inhabitants call it) with one-sixth Earth’s gravity. You would prefer the entire film be in Barsoomian with subtitles? Or do you think it makes sense to have the film’s characters use a language you understand?

  • Bertelin

    My Grandmother introduced me to the ‘John Carter of Mars’ series of books.  Wow!! Great memories there…..I’ll be there as well!

  • Unsure

    lol its almost “avatar”

  • nedzad nedzad

    Me speak no englis

  • fuck off

    You have no clue at all.

  • Mammoth

    I don’t want to see the movie, I want to see ‘Godless’ and ‘Nautolan Jedi’ get into a slappy, nerd fight.



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