Death is a sick puppy . . . and so are we!

- We here at must be honest: we have always had a soft spot for the Final Destination movies. Maybe because we just like good-looking young people being killed off in inventive and gruesome ways! Death is a sick puppy  . . . and so are we!

- That said, Death is getting a bit old. The screenwriters aren’t thinking up such imaginative ways to bump off characters as they used to. Death is running out of ideas it seems . . .

- Death by acupuncture is however a highlight.

- So is death by corrective laser eye surgery (don’t ask).

- Changing the rules that you can now cheat Death by killing someone else as a “replacement” might be an attempt to bring something fresh to the franchise, but it doesn’t entirely work out. A homicidal killer isn’t as interesting as Death Itself. Nice try though.

- We liked the twist ending.

- The ending implies that this is now really the end of the franchise. We like these movies, but hope that this is the case. Death should come to movie franchises too . . .




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