Not exactly what you’d expect . . .

It cost an estimated $163 million to produce, but only made $174 – globally.  Translated this means: don’t hold your breath for any sequels.

What did they spend the money on? Probably actors’ salaries – the movie does star Daniel Craig and Harrison Ford.  The special effects were decent but hardly ground-breaking.

But the “from the director of Iron Man” tag on the posters didn’t exactly pull in the mainstream (i.e. non-SF) crowd needed to make it a success at the box office (they probably felt the title was too daft).

We’re not entirely sure that we liked the movie. It’s nice to have something for the summer season that isn’t a sequel or remake and the movie is moderately entertaining, but Cowboys & Aliens probably didn’t live up to a lot of people’s expectations.

Here’re our thoughts:

-  With a title like that you’d expect something a bit more . . . fun. But Cowboys & Aliens is deadly serious. Did the screenwriter check the title before he started writing?

- It’s not what you’d expect. Then again, we expected another Wild Wild West so maybe that’s a good thing.

- The movie is pretty slow and not as fast-paced as you’d expect.

- For a movie starring James Bond and Indiana Jones you’d expect more action. Then again, Harrison Ford is old enough to qualify for a bus pass these days so . . .

- It’s a “technologically inferior group battling a technologically advanced force” showdown a la Avatar. Now the aliens are immune to puny human bullets, now they are not. Just like the Earthlings didn’t seem too bothered by primitive Na’vi arrows during their first encounter.

- Daniel Craig is pretty ripped for a guy his age (43) and we hate his guts for that!

- Harrison Ford is finally beginning to look like his age! Yay!

- Just exactly how and where does Olivia Wilde’s alien character fit into the scheme of things? We know she’s needed to help the technologically primitive humans to defeat the aliens, but just how did she get to Earth in the first place?

- We get to see both Daniel Craig and Olivia Wilde topless, but Olivia only from behind. Not fair!

- Maybe a lighter touch would have served the material better. Who knows?



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  • dkimmel

    I thought it was a lot of fun, but then I came to as a fan of both science fiction and western movies.  I think people who don’t know westerns missed a lot of the genre stuff that wasn’t SF.



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