Where does he get those wonderful toys? We look at fictional sci-fi inventions that should be real . . .

Like any good sci-fi fan, I often wonder when I’m watching a movie how life would be different if certain items actually existed. This has nothing to do with practicality, as that takes pretty much all the fun out of things.

Instead, the next time you’re watching one of the best sci-fi movies ever, just ask yourself what you would like to have in this world to make things much more interesting . . .


Faster-Than-Light Travel
Whether it is the hyperdrive from Star Wars, the FTL drive from Battlestar Galactica or the warp drive from Star Trek – wouldn’t the space program vastly improve by being able to go further than the moon? Solid fuel rockets are so passé . . .

If the truth really is out there, we best find something that can get to the edge of the galaxy in a few minutes rather than a few generations. Who cares if science has concluded that you can’t actually travel faster than light? Can’t we at least see how close we can get?


Beam me up, Scotty! You’re not a true nerd if you haven’t uttered that line (despite the fact the line itself has never been uttered) at least once.

Who wants to bother with commuting or trans-Atlantic flights or, God forbid, walking to the store?

Just hop in your trusty transporter and bam! You’re instantly where you need to be!

Just make sure a pesky fly or other household insect and/or family pet doesn’t hitch a ride with you – the results can get a bit… disturbing. Considering how lazy we’ve gotten, I’m surprised this hasn’t been invented yet – probably pesky science getting in the way of things again.


Forget about the moral issues involved here – who doesn’t with to have a backup liver or heart – you know, just in case. Plus, whenever you start feeling a little too old, just backup your combined living experience and download it into a fresh new body – all your memories remain, but now you can start fresh. Just like being a vampire without all the pesky blood drinking and aversion to sunlight. Sure, the ability to abuse this is off the charts, but I can’t think of any way to get closer to immortality.


I literally can’t think of any cooler weapon than a sword that can pretty much cut through anything and sounds amazing while doing it. Just make sure you get in some training; otherwise, I see the prosthetics industry booming as legs and hands go flying – or your head if you’re really unlucky. Provided you know what you’re doing, you won’t have to worry about anything barring your way again.

Time Machine

Granted, I know time travel just introduces horrible paradoxes and world-changing (or world-ending) catastrophe, but you have to admit, wouldn’t it be great just to be party to some of the greatest historic events? Or just to slap some sense into your younger self.

Sure, the potential for abuse is even worse than cloning yourself – but don’t give in to temptation or you’re more likely to erase yourself, or just make the world implode. And whatever you do, don’t step on any butterflies – you might not like where the world ends up otherwise!


Forget for a moment that in the movie this creation was sent back in time to destroy humanity!

There are plenty of amazing robots to choose from: Robocop, Replicants, Gigolo Joe, but my money for absolute pinnacle of robot kind has to be the T-1000 (or, T-X, but I tend to ignore the third film).

Liquid metal, shape-shifting, nigh indestructible. Just think: the ultimate bodyguard, the life of the party! Maybe not the most glowing personality, but certainly knows some great tricks. Just make sure he’s with you, not against you: nothing ruins your day like a metal spike through the head . . .


Men in Black may not have taken things as seriously as some sci-fi films, but they included some wicked-good gadgets. From the universal translator to the Noisy Crickets, they just have some really fun stuff.

However, nothing can beat the memory-erasing goodness of the Neuralizer. One flash and you can wipe out the last few minutes or the last few days and just make up pretty much any story you feel like in its place. Abuse? Oh, I wouldn’t even want to think how this could spin out of control in a few short days. But I want you to find one person who wouldn’t want to use this device.

The Holodeck

This may not be the most useful or the most interesting, however, I do believe it would be the most amazing thing!

Virtual reality just hasn’t happened the way we would like. Face up to it: 3-D just doesn’t cut it! The Holodeck would be the greatest entertainment device known to man.

In fact, if it happened the way it does in the Star Trek universe, movies and video games would be a thing of the past, as they just couldn’t compete.

Plus, unlike the time machine, no paradox although you always run the risk of a virtual characters somehow making it into real life, or accidentally leaving the safety off and dying (why would that even be an option?).

The only thing you have to worry about is having the virtual world becoming more interesting than the real world.  Who wants to do boring things like working and spending time with the family when you can travel to any point in history/fictional universe or pretty much anything you can imagine? Scary, but I would be the first in line.


Chris Kavan is the Community Manager of FilmCrave.com and he learned the hard way that a fluorescent light bulb just isn’t as cool as a lightsaber.

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