If you live in Boston, then here’s something worth braving the icy weather for . . .

Boston – It began in 1976 as a 24 hour marathon of classic science fiction films at the Orson Welles Cinema in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

The Welles is long gone, but the marathon now serves as a capstone to a weeklong festival of science fiction films at the Somerville (Mass.) Theater where fifteen films – including eight world premieres and three U.S. premiers – will unspool.

The festival runs through Saturday, February 18 followed by the marathon, running Noon to Noon beginning Sunday, February 19.  Some, but not all, of the fest films will appear in the thon which still includes a mix of recent hits, classics, and obscurities.

Among the world premieres is The Golden Age of Science Fiction, a documentary about John W. Campbell, the legendary editor who worked with sci-fi giants like Isaac Asimov and Robert Heinlein.  Campbell was also a writer, and penned the story Who Goes There? which served as the basis for the movie The Thing.

Also on tap is The Last Push, with Khary Payton and Lance Henrickson, about the survivor of a manned exploration of Jupiter’s moon that goes horribly wrong, Sol, where a group of teens in an astronomy competition get trapped on the wrong planet, and Zero One, where a hidden computer code may spell doom for mankind.

In addition to the features, the festival will showcase 48 shorts.

Garen Daly, executive director of the festival, expanded it from the marathon over the last few years as he found studio prints of classic films were available for exhibition.  The marathon now includes some of the best of the festival, along with archival prints and recent releases.

With the number of new filmmakers cutting their teeth on sci-fi, Daly says the fest attracts entries from both American and foreign filmmakers.  This year’s program includes films such as Dimensions from the UK and Endhiran from India.

Here are a few trailers:

The Last Push


Zero One


For more info (schedule, etc.), check out here: http://www.bostonsci-fi.com/

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