And the best sci-fi & fantasy flick of the year is . . .

Our regular reviewers pick their best – and worst – genre movies of the year!


James O’Ehley (content editor)
BEST: Rise of the Planet of the Apes (review)
OUR REVIEW: “If you must go about revamping one of sci-fi’s most lucrative albeit long-in-the-tooth franchises, then this is the way to go about it: an intelligent and unexpectedly moving script with some great story-telling. Let’s face up to it: Rise could easily have been Deep Blue Sea . . . but with monkeys instead of sharks! Instead of going the horror movie route it manages to make its simian protagonists both sympathetic and menacing at the same time!” [James O’Ehley]
RUNNERS UP: Melancholia, Source Code
WORST: Battle Los Angeles


Rob Vaux (DVD reviewer)
BEST: Source Code (review)
OUR REVIEW: ”Jones keeps the sci-fi and ventures into Hitchcockian thriller territory with Source Code, a stunningly crafted suspense tale of alarming surprise and resonance.” [Brian Orndorf]
RUNNERS UP: Thor, Rise of the Planet of the Apes
WORST: Your Highness

Daniel M. Kimmel (reviewer: cinema releases)
BEST: Source Code
RUNNERS UP: Contagion, Hugo
WORST: Insidious


Mark Dujsik (reviewer: cinema releases)
BEST: Melancholia (review)
OUR REVIEW: “This art house science fiction movie is one of those genuine love it or hate it affairs. If you’re the type who likes, let’s say, Transformers 3 and the Resident Evil movies, then you’d be driven to distraction by Melancholia’s deliberate and languid pacing.” [James O’Ehley]
RUNNERS UP: Source Code, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2
WORST: Transformers Dark of the Moon

So what was your best and worst sci-fi & fantasy flick of the year?



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  • Etsjedi

    Here we go with the “pretenius” group of so called critics.  Please quit with the artistic crap.  Apes is the best scifi film of the year-but Melancholia best-a overwrought, fatalistic film.  And really Transformers 3 the worst?  Sure, but Paul, Battle Los Angles are so much better.  Why can’t we get critics that like movies that the average person likes, not a artistic wannabe scriptwriters who scream avant garde over hollywood.  Invalidated list worse than the razzies!

  • Tgflag

    Couldn’t agree more with Etsjedi. The average person based on “watches” and “word of mouth”. Artistic garb is excellent. Why can’t we just watch a movie, be entertained, let our imagination go, and have fun?

  • Anonymous

    Battle Los Angeles was cool. It was fun. It was a summer popcorn picture. Transformers III was mediocre. Certainly not “worst SCIFI” of the year.

    Melancholia meanwhile is the most hyped piece of crap I’ve fast-forwarded through in quite some time. Harry Potter meanwhile was merely alright, but not good for a Potter movie.

    I haven’t gotten around to watching Planet of the Apes yet. Probably because I dislike the reboot premise.

  • Inept Jedi

    You must see Rise Of The Apes.  It’s the best in the series, and the best reboot period.  It’s so good I wish it was the original.

  • Vince

    True true..planet is a must see.. i ignored it for months and now regret it not to have seen it in the cinema..

    in my perspective there are genres in genres..luckily I can have loads of fun watching a popcorn movie but can certainly appreciate a melancholia or another earth as well.. just be happy we can have all of it :-)

  • Jahulath

    Really? Everyone has a piece of flatpack furniture – popular and mass produced so by your opinion it must be the best quality furniture out there right?
    Watching babies fall over is entertaining in the same way as Paul was but it doesn’t make it stand up to critical analysis. 

  • S.J. Jolly

    Rise of Planet of the Apes lost me with the kung-fu-movie leaps that would turn any real ape into a Sanitation Department worker’s bad day.

    Battle for Los Angeles has some big science errors, but otherwise is a good militiary adventure film.   Anyone know if it has increased USMC recruiting?



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