The REAL reason why we never built bases on the moon by 1999 . . .

Through supposedly real footage leaked online, Apollo 18 tells the story of a top secret mission to the moon that the public never knew about because [spoiler alert – sort of] moon rocks are actually alien spider creatures [end spoilers]. And here we were all thinking that NASA never went to the moon again because the U.S. military needed the money to bomb some unsuspecting country back into the Stone Age!

What we liked:

- It is a clever concept, weirdly enough similar to Transformers 3, but it’s about time we had a horror movie set on the moon!

- The sets and special effects are very well done. It may be far-fetched, but Apollo 18 looks well-researched and realistic. Maybe Stanley Kubrick did fake the original moon-landing footage as the conspiracy nut cases maintain!

- It may be a found footage thing, but there are no handheld camerawork to induce audience nausea.

- There is at least one good scare jolt halfway through . . .

What we didn’t like:

- It drags on.

- The found footage thing is getting old and works against the narrative. Often you’ll be wondering “what the heck is going on right now?” and “who exactly is filming this particular scene if there are only two guys on the moon?”

- It isn’t particularly involving. Not really scary at all. Part of the problem is the found footage premise. Maybe if it was filmed the “normal” way it would have been more involving.

- There are probably morons out there who think it is all for real.


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  • Louie Damolaris

    The movie was not good and nothing was explained and if movie makers keep putting out this trash people won’t support this kind of trash!! I wouldn’t take this movie for free. Louie

  • Markeymark

    Of course it was real!

  • Manuel Royal

    Does “clever concept” mean “idiotic, patently absurd concept”?



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