Warner Bros will make a live action version of the 1988 classic anime movie . . .

Akira posterRumors of a live action remake of Akira have been doing the rounds for a gazillion years now in Hollywood now, but apparently this is the real deal (we’ll see).

Warner Bros has green lit a live action version to be directed by Spanish director Jaume Collet-Serra.

Collet-Serra has his beginnings as the director of TV advertisements but has moved to Hollywood to direct the likes of Unknown (starring Liam Neeson), Orphan, Goal II: Living the Dream and the 2005 remake of House of Wax.

Rumors had it at one point that Akira was going to star Keanu Reeves (who is by now a bit too old to play the leader of a teenage motorbike gang).  At one point the makers of Book of Eli were even involved in a live action version.

According to the latest reports Garrett Hedlund (Tron: Legacy) is being considered for the role of the lead character, Kaneda.

Here’s the official plot description:

Neo-Tokyo has risen from the ashes of World War III to become a dark and dangerous megalopolis infested with gangs and terrorists.

The government seethes with corruption and only maintains a token control over the powerful military that prevents total chaos and hides the secrets of the past.

Childhood friends Tetsuo and Kaneda plunge into Neo-Tokyo’s darkest secret when their motorcycle gang encounters a military operation to retrieve an escaped experimental subject.

Tetsuo, captured by the military, is subjected to experiments that make him a powerful psychic, but, unfortunately for Neo-Tokyo, Tetsuo’s powers rage out of control and he lashes out at the world that has oppressed him!

Nothing can stop the destructive forces that Tetsuo wields except possibly the last boy to destroy Tokyo.

The movie is slated for a 2012 release.

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  • Anonymous

    We’ll see whether this one ever happens – but I have a feeling that somehow it will.

  • Short1cool1

    Sounds like they are trying to screw it up before production starts

  • TUROKTenrec

    Jon Foo (Jin Kazama, TEKKEN 2010) could play Tetsuo Shima!:)



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