Ryan Gosling signs on for remake of 1970s flick . . .


Warner Bros. is definitely going ahead with a remake of Logan’s Run, the pre-Star Wars sci-fi flick in which no-one gets to live longer than 30.

Gosling will be re-united with Nicolas Winding Refn, his director on Drive.

A Logan’s Run remake has been stuck in development hell for ages and directors such as Tron: Legacy’s Joseph Kosinski and Bryan Singer all had a stab at it.

This time it is however definitely going ahead it seems.


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  • Anonymous

    And here I was thinking that they had already remade this as In Time!

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Win-Gates/100001537746474 Win Gates

    Since I have never heard of In Time, I think it is ok to say that it is about time. This is a classic sci-fi movie…they just better not screw it up.
    The next remake that needs to happen is Forbidden Planet! SOON!
    …and when in the hell are we going to see movies of some other classic sci-fi books, like the Foundation trilogy, the Dragonriders of Pern, and the Larry Niven story Footfall?! HUH?!

  • len61

    Looking foreward ,too a remake of an interresting story ! I personaly never liked ,michael as a movie actor ,eventhoug this is one of his best perfomances on screen (his a fantastic actor ,on theater ), I wouldent mind see an actress like ,clare danes ,in female leading role ,as it would be a caracter ,that should be doubting, between safety or progress (her dilemma) ,like in The island .The male caracter should be more of scouting person (young mind ,though 30) ,and would like an “atlantic” figure ,not british and not american ,and both .

  • Rkw865

    Excellent! Can’t wait to see it! HOPE THEY DON’T RUIN IT!!!

  • Cjohnsen3

    I ask myself this all the time.  Why does Hollywood completely ignore such fantastic literature that would make great movies.  The list is endless…Ringworld, Rendevous with Rama, F. Pohl’s Gateway, or a few of my personal favorites like “Lord of Light” and “Creatures of Light and Darkness” or “Leaves of Grass” from Zelazney.

  • http://twitter.com/trangthetroll Roger Mihalko

    the Island and In time are both inspired by Logans Run. I have no doubt they will screw it up, never thought it needed to be remade in first place. Hollywood already destroyed my favorite Sci-fi classic of all time(the day the earth stood still) and  ruined one of the top 5 sci-fi books of all time with the abortion that is StarshipTroopers.

    One of the first ones that should be made (other than real theatrical justice for DUNE and the 5 following books) is Heinlein’s the Moon Is a Harsh Mistress. It is so timely its frighting, we are sending probes to moon, finding Ice, colonization is nearer than people think.

    I believe Enders Game is on track, I am terrified that it will be ruined, but OSC is involved so he might keep it respectable. 

    Im game for Zelazney’s Amber Chronicles, would be excellent to see that on screen.



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